Culture exchange: The team from Latin Vibes.* Photo supplied

Culture exchange: The team from Latin Vibes.
* Photo supplied

All things Latin are to be celebrated by a new organization that will bring the food, entertainment, cuture of the region together.

Bermuda Latin Vibes is made up of people with a wide variety of interests from dances, socials and DJing to travel tours, kids groups and cuising.

Their skills will combine to coordinate with the Department of Tourism, the Corporation of Hamilton, the Latin community, schools, musicians and dancers to help organize events around the island.

The first event is to take place on January 5 with a social at Inferno Nightclub which begins with a one hour Latin dance lesson.

Organizer Giovanna Watson said: “Our mission is to become the platform for all things Latin in Bermuda. Our goal is to encourage those who appreciate one aspect of the culture, to learn about another; because the food, language, music and dance are equally important, one element cannot live without the other. 

“We will also help encourage a Bermudian Latin mix in the music, food and the dance to celebrate our collective uniqueness.”

She said that Bermuda Latin Vibe would appeal to many including those wanting to learn Latin languages and culture, schools interested in organizing multi-cultural events, cooks who want to learn Latin recipes, couples wanting to learn Latin dancing, musicians wanting to take workshops. and tourists looking for a good time.

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