Terrae Christopher *Photo by Troy Jennings
Terrae Christopher *Photo by Troy Jennings

TUESDAY, JULY 31:  The City of Hamilton today announced the seven local models who have been selected by Wilhelmina Models to potentially sign modeling contracts.

According to Paul Nelson, Director of Men’s Division for Wilhelmina Models, “We would like to thank the City of Hamilton for having us, it was a pleasure meeting the City team and the models and getting to know them. From our first encounter at the model workshop and having the opportunity to coach Bermuda’s models, we have been watching their attitudes, personality, and looks to determine if there are any other models from Bermuda right for Wilhelmina.

“We are looking to potentially sign models to one of our three main offices located in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. After careful consideration and watching all the models both on and off the runway, we were able to shortlist six females and one male model for potential contracts with Wilhelmina Models.”

Mr. Nelson concluded, “Congratulations the following on being chosen for the shortlist: Ava Braddock, Kayla Williams, Melissa Fiddick, Rayneisha Bean, Sophie Fraser-Smith, Terrae Christopher and Samuel Bean.”

Danilee Trott, Events and Projects Manager stated, “I extend sincere thanks to my team in Bermuda and a special thank you to Paul Nelson and Jorge Urena from Wilhelmina Models for coming to Bermuda to participate in, what has been called, Bermuda’s largest fashion event of the year. The models, who range in age from 14 to 19, will be contacted by Wilhelmina in the coming weeks about the next step in this process. Once decisions have been made and contracts signed we will make another announcement.”

Ms. Trott added, “I am excited about the potential of Bermuda’s models receiving contracts and being able to work at an international level.”

Ava Braddock

Kayla Williams

Melissa Fiddick

Rayneisha Bean

Sophie Fraser-Smith

Terrae Christopher

Samuel Bean

*All photos by Troy Jennings