Parade entry: Chewstick’s float is expected to host at least 40 people participants. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Parade entry: Chewstick’s float is expected to host at least 40 people participants. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Paint and Powder will flood the streets of Hamilton on Friday at the annual Heritage Day Parade.

The Chewstick Foundation is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the Chewpocalyse X J’ouvert Truck in the parade on Friday.

Executive director Gavin Smith expects there will be at least 40 participants but that number is likely to be higher on the day and during the parade.

Mr Smith said: “We are doing our annual Chewpocalypse X J’ouvert Truck which is a celebration of our ten years and will be take to the streets to celebrate Chewstick.

“We will be having J’ouvert paint and powder, costumes, masks, stilt walkers and we will be raising funds for Chewstick.

“Some people will have buckets for people to donate to Chewstick.

“We’ll be bringing the party back to back of town to have the unofficial Bermuda Day after party outside of Chewstick.”

Asked what will be different from their Blue Halo-themed float last year, Mr Smith said: “This the first time that we’re having costumes.

‘There will be masks, wigs, the paint and costumes. We will have the stilt walkers to create a theatrical presentation.

“It’s keeping in line with what we have been doing for the last couple of years.

“The weather looks like it will be a great day and night.”

As far as participants, Mr Smith said there are 40 people registered so far, but he expects 60 to turn up onFriday and more people to join along the route.

“Last year, we started out with 20 and ended up with 50.

“I think the real cool thing about J’ouvert tradition is just how fun and festive it can be.

“It’s a good way to bring people together.”

Mr Smith said participating in the parade has always been a dream.

“This being our third year, we’re definitely feeling a little more comfortable and excited about being apart of the Bermudian tradition.”

Blue Halo is sponsoring the float.

For those who wish to participate in the float, the cost is $40 and  you get a mask, paint, powder, wig, t-shirt, dusk mask, refreshments on the truck and a free WKD at the after party.

Register at by Wednesday and costumes are on a first come first serve basis.