New book: Sunset Over The Hermes by Wayne Whicher.
New book: Sunset Over The Hermes by Wayne Whicher.

Bermuda’s natural ­beauty has inspired first time American author Wayne W. Whicher to write a mystery romance novel based here.

Mr. Whicher from Dover, New Hampshire has visited Bermuda on some twelve occasions throughout his lifetime. He especially enjoys the scuba ­diving, jet skiing and the beautiful beaches our ­island has to offer. It is his various explorations of here that has led him to ­embark on his first novel, titled Sunset Over The ­Hermes.

The self-published book tells the story of detective Scott Mathias who is in the middle of a case involving a bank theft. He becomes ­interested in someone ­romantially and struggles to keep his personal and professional life separate. As the plot continues we find that he fails as the two intertwine.

Mr. Whicher’s favourite pastime when in Bermuda is scuba diving. At home he even has a Teddy Tucker map so he can mark off all the shipwreck sites he has visited. Off all the wrecks he has dived his favourite remains The Hermes which has made it into the title of his book.

"When I started to sit down and think about ­writing a book I'd read a lot of mystery novels by James Patterson and Jonathan Kellerman, so I knew I wanted to work in that genre," explained Mr. Whicher.
“(Readers will) journey through Sunset over the Hermes as the book pulls you from one shore of the island to the other.”

Since releasing the book six weeks ago, Mr. Whicher has sold 106 copies.

He added: "It's really been a fun process. I never thought how exciting it would be to walk in to a bookstore and see a copy of my own work. I got an­ ­

e-mail from one local bookstore and they said people have started coming into the store asking for the book. That in itself is ­amazing."

Mr. Whicher is already halfway through his second novel which is also based in Bermuda and features the same main character.

Mr. Whicher describes this effort as "darker" ­explaining that it features a psychotic character written from the first person.

"The feedback from the first novel was that it was a good mystery novel but it was almost more of a ­romance novel," he said. "The second one has more of that darker side to it which has been super fun to write."

While Mr. Whicher could not find a publisher to publish his first novel he hopes to be more ­successful with his second.

The novel is now for sale in Hamilton at the Bookmart, and Mr. Whicher plans to be there for a book signing next April.

 The e-book can be found on Kindles and iPads at http://www.smashwords.­com/books/search?query=sunset+over+the+hermes n

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