Joyce McKinney is the star of Tabloid. *Photo supplied
Joyce McKinney is the star of Tabloid. *Photo supplied

Tabloid ***

Date: October 22

Time: 7pm

Director: Errol Morris

Rating: R

Runtime: 87 minutes


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21: Just when you think the story of Joyce McKinney can’t get any more twisted or bizarre, it plunges even further into absurdity.

The tale of North Carolina beauty queen Joyce McKinney has all the ingredients of a cracking tabloid tale — kinky sex, religion, a beauty queen and celebrity. You couldn’t make it up.

Armed with an IQ of 168, she dedicated her life to hunting down the man of her dreams, a rather unremarkable, overweight man with glasses and a shuffle. She was convinced he left her as a result of being brainwashed by a group of mormons and so she kidnapped him at gunpoint and shackled him to a bed.

The notorious tale of the “Manacled Mormon” includes interviews with members of the British tabloid press which McKinney describes as “filth”.

They sneer and giggle their way through the story which sharply contrast the emotional and often maniacal accounts by McKinney.

It’s worth watching for a good laugh at a sordid tale of obsession — both on the part of McKinney and the gutter press.