Former Miss USA Tara Conner will talk at the Caron Bermuda gala dinner. *Photo supplied

Former Miss USA Tara Conner will talk at the Caron Bermuda gala dinner. *Photo supplied


TUESDAY, APRIL 24: Alcohol and drug treatment centre Caron Bermuda is to host a gala dinner next month honouring the contributions made to the island and the facility by HSBC Bank Bermuda CEO Philip Butterfield.

Former Miss USA Tara Conner has been invited to talk about her journey through drug addiction and subsequent recovery with the help of Caron in the US. The Second Annual Caron Bermuda Award of Excellence Dinner Gala will take place at the Fairmont Southampton Princess on May 18.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the further development of Adolescent and Family programming and the Caron Bermuda Scholarship Fund which provides financial aid to families who reach out to Caron to assist them with the cost of treatment for their loved ones.

Caron Bermuda Regional Vice President, Mrs Gita Blakeney-Saltus said: “Phil Butterfield was been an advocate and supporter of Caron Bermuda since its inception.

“Through his leadership and guidance, the Adolescent programming serves as an inspiration to all who share our commitment to Bermuda’s young people and their families. This moment of recognition is most appropriate, timely and heartfelt.”

She added: “Caron Bermuda is delighted to have Tara join us on this auspicious occasion, as she brings her powerful story of challenge and hope."

Chairman and Caron Bermuda director, Mr Rees Fletcher, said the dinner would honour Mr Butterfield “for his spirit of caring and compassion and his personal commitment to Caron Bermuda and to our community.

“As Chief Executive Officer of HSBC, Bank Bermuda, Philip and HSBC have been instrumental in the success of Caron Bermuda and our programmes. We take this opportunity to recognize their support and continue the drive to expand our capabilities to better serve Bermuda.”

Premier Paula Cox has agreed to be the distinguished patron for the dinner.

To date, Caron Bermuda has facilitated 65 persons to receive overseas treatment at Caron’s US treatment centres and provided $332,034 in scholarships to 26 Bermudians for residential primary addiction treatment.

“The impact of substance abuse remains one of the greatest challenges Bermuda has faced,” added Mr Fletcher.

“With the support and understanding of the donor community, as demonstrated by Philip and HSBC, Caron Bermuda has developed as a viable, world-class treatment based solution.

“In collaboration with the Bermuda Youth Counseling Services, we provide Adolescent and Family programming with continual demand to deliver hope and healing in our community…

“We invite companies and individuals to buy tables for the dinner as we pay tribute to the outstanding works or Mr. Philip M. Butterfield.”

For information and commitment forms contact Gita Blakeney Saltus at 236-0823 or email