FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25: Ariel Reinsurance Company Ltd. donated $25,000 to the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

The Coalition’s mission is twofold: to heighten public awareness of children’s issues and to advocate on behalf of children and their families.

Brenda Tatem, chair of Ariel Re’s charitable committee, said: “With the current social issues Bermuda is facing, our charitable committee thought it particularly vital to support a cause that aims to benefit the future wellbeing of our children.”

It is believed that many of these social issues can be attributed to a significant number of Bermudian children not having the advantage of being brought up in a healthy, nurturing and safe family environment.

According to the Coalition, this lack of support and security increases the likelihood that crime, drug and alcohol addiction, child abuse and family violence will continue to be perpetuated in their lives as they become adults.


One of the Coalition’s latest initiatives is Poverty in Paradise, a documentary depicting poverty in Bermuda.

The film passionately outlines the stories and struggles of several Bermudian women and their children. The film addresses the many causes of poverty in Bermuda, including social inequalities, educational disparities, economic imbalances, personal choices based on a conditioning of life patterns and the paucity of opportunities for growth and a different trajectory for the lives of Bermuda’s most vulnerable.