Plated skirt: This sculpture by Shelly Hamill is made from pieces of China.
Plated skirt: This sculpture by Shelly Hamill is made from pieces of China.

A new collection of Shelly Hamill’s mosaic mannequins are to go on display at Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa.

The exhibition, titled All Dressed Up, opens in the hotel’s Regali Boutique from 6pm to 8pm this evening.

Ms Hamill will have nine pieces all for sale, six of which have been created in the past two weeks.

The inspiration for the dresses, which have been displayed across the ­island and in the States, came from her mosaic classes with her art teacher and ­mentor Gabriela Brunner.

Ms Hamill, who will attend the opening night of the exhibition, said: “I used to do gift shows in Bermuda and had some mannequins. I was ­taking the mosaic class with Gabriela and so she helped me with my idea.

“All the sculptures are made to look like mannequins you see in a store front. They are made of beads, tiles, pieces of mirror — lots of different things.  It’s a different way to use materials that are traditionally used in the kitchen or bathroom or in construction. It encourages people to see things in a new way. Part of my challenge is trying to create something that is feminine and pretty and flirty out of hard materials often used in construction.

“What I am doing with all the new pieces is incorporating some form of China. I have a special glass tile nipper I use to cut the plates.”

The first dress mosaic piece Ms Hamill made was of a life-sized bride a couple of years ago. The piece, titled Betroved, was accepted into the Biennial Show at the Bermuda National Gallery. Her current pieces are much ­smaller.

Ms Hamill has to go through several stages to complete a single mannequin before she even lays one tile on the structure. Each piece starts as a ­Styrofoam mannequin which is then covered in fiberglass and concrete before being left to sit. Ms Hamill then has to build a skirt out of two kinds of wire mesh — which are filled with concrete on the ­inside, concrete is applied on the outside and another layer is laid on the outside to give a smooth finish to apply the tiles. Only then can she begin the meticulous task of applying each individual mosaic piece.

All the pieces will be on sale and range from between $3,200 to $3,700. The exhibition runs through September 15.