Bermudian Talent:  From top, Joy T Barnum, Life Sentence & Mishka. *Photos supplied
Bermudian Talent:  From top, Joy T Barnum, Life Sentence & Mishka. *Photos supplied

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18: A follow-up to the popular Ride the Wave charity CD goes on sale at tonight’s Harbour Nights.

Ride The Wave, Volume Two, features 37 tracks by local artists ranging from Joy T Barnum to Troy Anthony to Mishka and Zenji San.

The double CD, to retail for $25, covers all genres from reggae to pop, rock to folk. Part proceeds will go to The Coalition for the Protection of Children.

The album follows the success of the first compilation, Ride The Wave, last year, which raised $40,000 for the children’s charity.


Producer Tony Brannon said this year’s compilation will feature pop, rock and alternative on disc one and reggae, hip hop and R&B on disc two.

Although this is a double CD, the price has only risen by $5. Artist and track information however, will be online rather than compiled in a booklet.

Mr Brannon said the age range of local artists stretched from 15 to 64. “We’re excited about it,” he said. “We hope that the support will be good so we can give the Coalition a nice big cheque.

“It’s a lot of new people this year but we have got one or two returning artists such as Troy Anthony, Uzimon, Mikey Wilde.

“We’ve also got Life Sentence. They have finally made a record and put their first one on the album.”

The CD can be purchased from the Ride The Wave stall by Freisenbruch-Meyer on Wednesdays at Harbour Nights.

It is also available from Gorham’s, Brown & Co, AS Cooper & Sons and other retailers.