The sports massage was similar to a deep tissue massage but ten times better, said Mikaela Ian Pearman. *Photo supplied
The sports massage was similar to a deep tissue massage but ten times better, said Mikaela Ian Pearman. *Photo supplied

TUESDAY, JUNE 12: After three months of intense training in preparation for summer, my body was in quite a lot of pain.

I had done a variety of exercises including boot camps, personal training three times a week, Zumba, kickboxing and more.

After enduring all of that, I needed a massage.

But not just a regular massage, I needed a sports massage.

Having played sports for a lot of my life, I was familiar with sports massages and how they help the muscles but I’d never had one.

Enter Willow Stream.

I had been to this lovely spa at the Fairmont Southampton once before, more than three years ago and I only had a deluxe manicure so I knew I was in for a treat with the sports massage.

After I arrived, I quickly changed into my robe and got myself a glass of fruit infused water while I waited for my therapist.

His name was Cole, my first ever male masseuse.

Cole asked me where I was having the most pain, my tolerance levels and a few other questions.

I carry my stress in my shoulders and back so I am always tight there.

And while I appreciate a deep massage, I was worried about the pain associated with a sports massage.

But Cole eased my mind once he started. He explained he uses massage strokes that match the calming music in the room.

The massage was similar to a deep tissue massage that I’d had before but ten times better.

Cole got out all my knots and while it hurt a few times, I knew it was needed to release the tension.

The main differences in this massage from a deep tissue were the various stretching methods Cole used.

He stretched out my legs and arms, bending them in various directions.

Again, this hurt but it was needed.

Cole also massaged my scalp, something that was definitely needed.

Once my massage was complete, I changed into my bikini and lay outside on the private terrace area available to spa patrons.

It was such a relaxing way to spend the day with no distractions at all.

I also ordered lunch, a healthy bento box spa lunch with grilled yogurt chicken, hummus, baba ganoush, tabuleh salad and strawberries with pomegranate. It was the perfect meal to end my relaxation experience. If you haven’t tried out a sports massage, please do.

Give Willow Stream a call and ask for Cole.

It will be worth the money and then some.