Two students are launching a safe sex campaign, which includes the shirts pictured above. <em>*Photo supplied</em>
Two students are launching a safe sex campaign, which includes the shirts pictured above. *Photo supplied

THURSDAY, APRIL 5: Two young Bermudians are launching a safe sex campaign in the run up to the island’s Get Tested Day on June 27.

Student colleagues Hafid James and Kara Simmons hope the campaign will better educate our youngsters about sexually transmitted diseases, with a focus on HIV.

They are currently trying to gain charitable status for their campaign – For A Cause.

Mr James and Ms Simmons launched a smaller “preview” campaign in December of last year. That enabled them to connect students with Dy-Juan DeRoza of the Department of Health, allowing them to talk freely and openly about safe sex.

Mr James, who studies Advertising and Graphic Design and was responsible for the Centre Against Abuse’s last advertising campaign, told the Bermuda Sun: “Through the campaign, we learned that too many people’s knowledge on STDs were limited or false.  

“There were too many misunderstandings about how you get STDs and some had a mentality that you could get HIV through touch.

“We hope the campaign will change the way many people treat those with HIV. Treating people with HIV as sub-human puts people off getting tested.

“We want to convince people that it is in their best interests to get tested and to keep an open dialogue. When you start talking about sex, people clam up but we need to open up an intelligent dialogue to educate people.”

Shirts are to be worn on June 27 to support the Government’s Get Tested Day. They are priced at $10 each with all profit going to an AIDS related organization/charity. You can place your order before May 11, 2012. For more information call: 279-2065 or 333-0032 or visit the For a Cause: Safe Sex Campaign Facebook page.