Favourite: The Fourways Chicken Classic — a popular dish among diners. *Photo by Sarah Lagan
Favourite: The Fourways Chicken Classic — a popular dish among diners. *Photo by Sarah Lagan

FRIDAY, JAN. 27: Restaurant Week is well underway but there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of some reasonably priced food in Bermuda.

The promotion, the first of its kind on the island, runs until February 6 with thirty-one restaurants taking part. Restaurants island wide are offering good deals on three-course meals on offer for $29, $39 or $49.

In the $29 bracket are Bermuda Bistro at the Beach; Bone Fish Bar & Grill; Coconut Rock; Flanagan’s Irish Pub; Heritage Court; Hog Penny; Jasmine; Landfall; La Trattoria; Pickled Onion; Tio Pepe and Wahoo Grill. In the $39 bracket are: Bacci at Fairmont Southampton; Bistro J; Fourways Inn; Muse Bistro; Griffin’s Bistro at St. George’s Club; Little Venice; L’Oriental and Victoria Grill. In the $49 bracket are:  Ascot’s at Royal Palms; Barracuda Grill; Beau Rivage; Blu at Belmont Hills Golf Course; Bolero Brasserie; Grotto Bay Beach Resort; Harbourfront; Lido Restaurant at Elbow Beach; The Point Restaurant; Port O’ Call; Tamarisk at Cambridge Beaches and Waterlot Inn.

Here are a selection of Restaurant Week food reviews.


Fourways Inn / Mid price range

By Sarah Lagan

  • Fourways Inn — $39 category:

I started off with the Fourways Traditional Fish Chowder which was just the right consistency — too often you get big chunks of fish but this was a nice mince with the occasional larger bites to nibble on.

The dish had quite a kick which I will put down to a little too much Sherry Peppers but the original taste of the soup itself was fantastic — tangy with the taste of a medley of tiny chunks of vegetables. 

I am not a big escargot fan — the taste just doesn’t grab me and the garlic butter that usually comes with them doesn’t do enough to disguise it. I ate some of my partner’s escargot at Fourways and for the first time I enjoyed them. This was not least thanks to the delicious sauce — a garlic cream sauce flamed with Pernod — but the texture was soft like msuhrooms — barely a hint of chewiness.

The aniseed taste of the Pernod was unexpected but a great complement to a creamy sauce.

On to the main dishes — the Fourways Chicken Classic was one of the nicest dishes I’ve had in a while. It usually comes with veal on Fourways regular menu and I will definitely be back to try it that way.

 The Restaurant Week version came with three small escalopes of chicken breasts in a crispy batter in an amazing lemon-lime butter sauce. The delicious  combination of citrus and cream is what must make this one of the most popular dishes on the Fourways regular menu.


But every part of this dish has me wishing it was for dinner again tonight —not least the potato rolls. Tubes of creamy parmesan mashed potato were wrapped in the same sort of batter as a spring roll and as simple as it sounds they are a match made in heaven. The two textures and the perfection of the mash made me want to rush home and try making it myself. 

Finally in the centre of the dish was a bunch of grilled vegetables wrapped together by a slither of grilled zucchini as well as a small lemon, tomato and olive garnish.

All in all probably it’s not the most healthiest of meals but its worth it.

The other entrée we tried was the braised lamb shank  in red burgandy and shallots with Lyonnaise potatoes and batons of spring vegetables. The lamb was fall off the bone and rich — delicious. The veg was simply boiled, perhaps a little bland but it was refreshing to get beetroot in the mix.

I can’t say I enjoyed the Lyonnaise potatoes — they were just a little soggy, like scalloped potatoes without the cheese sauce. Why there was a sausage thrown in I’m not sure — there was plenty of meat with the lamb especially as part of a three-course meal.

Finally I went for the soufflé — the Dark and Stormy with vanilla sauce.

It was light, fluffy and simply divine.

Fourways Inn, 1 Middle Road, Paget.

Ascot’s / Top price range:

By Amanda Dale

  • Ascot’s At Royal Palms — $49 category:

I have always wanted to dine at Ascot’s and so the chance to do so for $49 was not to be missed.

The restaurant’s setting in the Royal Palms Hotel is charming. After entering the premises you walk down a corridor lined with vintage black and white photographs of Bermuda ‘back in the day’.

But traditional cottage colony-style, Ascot’s is not. This is a chic, modern restaurant with block colour walls and a bespoke printed wallpaper ceiling depicting horses from the sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci.

But is Ascot’s’ Restaurant Week menu also a work of art?

Certainly, from starter to main course to dessert, each dish is a masterpiece of creativity and artistic presentation.

Executive chef Edmund Smith and operational manager Angelo Armano — the proprietors — have created a different menu for each week the Restaurant Week runs, showcasing their talents.

This week the starter was a roasted vegetable Vol-au-vent, followed by medallions of veal, and to finish, Banana Crépe Garibaldi.


The roasted vegetable Vol-au-vent was a veritable smorgasbord for the palate, the juicy vegetables encased in melt-in-the-mouth pastry and a fresh herb mascarpone mousse.

Kalamata olives and roasted cherry tomatoes were the ‘chorus’ to the main act, bringing side bursts of flavour.

As for the main course, the meat was cooked to perfection and was accompanied by an inspired peach and pear tartain, adding a pizzazz of sweetness.

A drizzle of Porcini brandy cream sauce brought an added ‘wow’ factor.

I may have sabotaged the second day of my 100 Day Challenge with the dessert, but boy, was it worth it.

The banana covered in hazelnut chocolate wrapped in a crépe topped with cream Chantilly and chocolate sauce was divine.

To complete your dining experience at Ascot’s, the service is attentive and the ambience, relaxed and cosy.

Another characteristic which stands out is the spaciousness of the dining room. Each table is set apart at a generous distance, ensuring romance and privacy.

Ascots Restaurant, Royal Palms Hotel, 24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke.

Victoria Grill / Mid price range

By Mikaela Ian Pearman

  • Victoria Grill — $39 category:

For round two of my Restaurant Week reviews, I decided to take a trip to Little Venice.

I hadn’t been in a while and figured this was a great excuse to revisit.

And I am so glad I did.

Let’s talk food.

For starter, there was a choice of Wahoo Carpaccio and homemade cheese ravioli.

I figured I could get ravioli anywhere, so I decided to have the Wahoo.

Now, I’ve never had Carpaccio — I am more of a tuna tartar girl, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

The fish was perfectly fresh, doused with olive oil, salt and pepper.

It came with a side of arugula.

I’m not sure if this is a weird thing to say, but the wahoo tasted like butter.

It was smooth and delicious, perfectly paired with the peppery arugula.

For my second course, I had a choice of salmon fillets, pork or gnocchi.

I chose the gnocchi, which came with a tomato basil sauce and fresh cubes of mozzarella.

The flavours were simple, clean and fresh and the dumplings were perfectly moist, a bowl of comfort food.

For dessert, there was a choice of apple crumble with ice cream or tiramisu.

Since I haven’t had tiramisu since my university days, eating at Olive Garden, I chose that.

It was perfect, the best I’ve ever had from the creamy mascarpone to the coffee soaked ladyfingers.

All in all, the meal was wonderful and I would certainly go back, especially for that gnocchi.

Victoria Grill, 29 Victoria Street, Hamilton.