FRIDAY, JULY 6: Not every event can say it was successful out of the gate for trying something new, which is why Tokio Millennium is pleased with how things went for the Secondary Schools Challenge at the Tokio Triathlon.

The reinsurer finished doing the rounds of presenting cheques to the various schools, with Saltus picking up $500 for the most points followed by Somersfield Academy ($250) and Berkeley ($150)

Selina Meade, organizer, said the event “was well-received and we had a fantastic turnout.

“It was very successful, not only in the terms of the number of schools involved by the participation rates from each school.”

She said seven of Bermuda’s eight secondary schools took part in the inaugural event.

“During the prize-giving they were very receptive about doing it next year. We are definitely looking to do it next year.

“It was great to see the physical education teachers driving this in the schools. This will help us next year in getting an earlier start for promotion.”

She said that should also help Tokio Millennium attract a larger participation rate for the triathlon.