Musical memories: Rochelle Lacomte, pictured far right, with the Keya Dancers who will perform at the concert. *Photo supplied
Musical memories: Rochelle Lacomte, pictured far right, with the Keya Dancers who will perform at the concert. *Photo supplied


WEDNESDAY, SEP. 19: A special concert, that has been two years in the making, is to pay tribute to the island’s deceased entertainers as well as pop icon Michael Jackson.

The concert hosted by Jamais Productions’ Rochelle Lecomte will include a string of Michael Jackson covers performed by our own musical entertainers.

There will be music written by our dead entertainers played throughout the evening, as well as live musicians, dancers and even a magician.

Some of the island’s most established musical artists will provide the entertainment including the likes of Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward, Max Maybury and Steve Easton.

Lecomte is the lead singer of the evening and her band 3D2TS will perform the backing music. The evening pays tribute to the likes of Ghandi Burgess, Hubert and George Smith, The Talbot Brothers, Ernie Leader and Deborah Robinson.

A Night Of Honour To Bermuda’s Deceased Entertainers and Birthday Tribute To Michael Jackson takes place on September 29 at the Fairmont Southampton Resort Amphitheatre.

Lecomte, who is the show’s producer and lead singer, said: “It is going to be spectacular. I lived in New York City for 20 years and you have to perfect everything before you go on stage.

“I started planning early — I laid the ground work for it and I came up with the repertoire. As far as my band we have been friends since forever — since the 70s — we are like brothers and sisters. We have a bond.

“Being an entertainer I wanted to give back to our own.

“I was seven-years-old when I started singing with my family. We were a family of 11 children. My father (Russell Simons) was a bass singer and he also played acoustic and my mother (Sylvia Simons) was a very strong alto player.

“We would have our family get togethers — for Sunday dinner everyone would come over and my father would pull out the acoustic guitar and we would all sing. We are all very musically inclined.”

As guests arrive on the night, the music of Whitney Houston, Luther Van Dross and Donna Summer will be playing. The show will open with Shaft as a tribute to the recently passed Isaac Hayes and will lead on to an all singing , all dancing 70s medley of Michael Jackson hits right back from the Jackson Five leading up to his modern day music.

Lacomte’s family will play a big part in the show — her daughter Rovonne Roberts will sing Jackson Five’s Stop The Love You Save and will also give the narration on Jackson’s song Childhood. Lacomte’s granddaughter Kiana will be dancing with the Keya Dancers (pictured below) and her grandson Kai will also take part.

The 3D2TS band is made up of Tony Cox, Dennis Francis, Darrell Simons, Derek Simmons, Tony Hay, Sye Amory.

They will be accompanied by a four-piece horn section with Shine Hayward on saxophone, Max Maybury on sax and flute, Kent Hayward on trumpet and Graham Maule on trombone.

Backing vocals will be provided by Sheila Smith, Chandra Maybury and Steve Easton and the special guest vocalists are the renowned Stevie Darrell, and Verlancia Aberdeen.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, J-Silva will be out in force rapping and magician Lu Simons will be wowing the crowd with some magic tricks during the rendition of Thriller.

“I came up with the idea for the magician from Michael’s Live In Bucharest Concert and I loved the rendition of Thriller he did at that concert,” recalled Lacomte.

“It was awesome and at the end of that song they made him disappear so I thought a magician would be perfect.

“Stevie Darrell will be featured on You Are Not Alone which is monster song, he does a fantastic job on that and our rendition of it is really a show stopper. I will also sing Heal The World with the Seventh Day Aventist Choir and I have 12 kids who will be involved in that particular song.”

Another little treat for the audience will be a dance performance by Kaelin Cox to Smooth Criminal.

After the Michael Jackson hits, Kelly Zuill and Valerie Leader will do a scroll reading of the names of Bermuda’s deceased entertainers of Bermuda and their music will be played in the background. There will also be a slide of pictures to go with the music.

Lecomte said she hoped to put on similar events every other year in Bermuda.

“I want to do it every other year because it takes a year to organize it.

“I came up with the idea two years ago — putting together a tribute for Bermuda deceased entertainers and then came up with the idea to do it along with overseas passed entertainers. We grew up in the Jackson Five era so I chose him for this year and then I will do Whitney Houston and Donna Summer.”

Where: Fairmont Southampton Resort Amphitheatre
Date: Saturday, September 29
Time: Doors open 6:45pm, showtime is 8pm
Tickets: $80 from Secrets at Washington Mall, The Edge, 27th Century on Reid Street, Family Affair in the Cedar Arcade and Caesars Pharmacy in Somerset.