Members of the Progressive Group gathered at City Hall to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the Theatre Boycott in 2011. *File photo
Members of the Progressive Group gathered at City Hall to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the Theatre Boycott in 2011. *File photo

Community group, Imagine Bermuda, is inviting the public to the inaugural observance of July 2nd as the anniversary of peaceful change in Bermuda by reaching out and spending time together, under the playful banner: B 2 Gather.

July 2nd marks the 54th anniversary of the day formal segregation ended in Bermuda in 1959. This was achieved through peaceful means by residents who rallied together to bring about change and improve Bermuda for all. Each one of us today is the beneficiary of this peaceful change so it is a highly worthy day for us all to remember in the spirit of our forefathers and for the benefit of our joint future.

Imagine Bermuda is inviting all residents to celebrate the success of peaceful change on July 2 by reaching out to one ‘other’ – a person who you don’t know very well or perhaps not at all (or a relationship which needs restoring). The two of you may arrange for some time during that day for a time for sharing. This can be over lunch, coffee or other refreshment; and you can “B 2 Gather” at a favourite venue, park or on a gentle stroll.

The conversation could include:

Sharing an experience of overcoming a barrier of any type, in one’s own life.

Share what you can do to help bring change to our community

Imagine Bermuda will be Par-La-Ville Park on 2nd July, and welcomes the public to join us there as we observe and celebrate peaceful change. You can B 2 Gather with us on 2nd July at Par-La-Ville Park by the Library from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm.

Glenn Fubler of Imagine Bermuda commented, “We’re all familiar with the importance of July 4th to our closest neighbours. However, most of us are unaware that Bermuda has a date of importance in July, which also speaks to fundamental freedom. July 2 1959 marked a new beginning in Bermuda’s history.  After two weeks of a successful Theatre Boycott, formal barriers of race were removed in our Island on that date.  On July 2nd, for the first time, all Bermudians had the freedom of access to all public facilities in the Island.   Members of the Progressive Group imagined a better Bermuda and took action that successfully rallied residents across the island, bringing peaceful change. We are inviting the community to join the Observance of this important anniversary.  This is an opportunity to reflect on this shared heritage, with a view to making a better Bermuda, today. In addition this Observance provides a platform to transcend any barriers – perceived or real – in our personal and social lives. Today, there are new barriers. Significant numbers of young people feel unable to travel to many parts of the Island. With this reality, this Observance takes on added importance.  Turning around this reality, will require the type of rallying of wide community support that was demonstrated, back in 1959.”

More information about Imagine Bermuda and B 2 Gather can be found on our facebook page “Imagine Bermuda” at