We love you: This picture of Bermuda&rsquo;s Johnny Barnes is one of 200 photographs in the coffee table book Bermuda. <em>*Photo supplied</em>
We love you: This picture of Bermuda’s Johnny Barnes is one of 200 photographs in the coffee table book Bermuda. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2: The coffee table book Bermuda released in December of last year has raised $30,000 for charity so far.

Proceeds from the book, put together by architect and photographer Georgia Crowe-Benevides and her friends Kathryn Deane and Francis White, have benefited The Family Centre, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and The Audubon Society. Half of the money was donated to The Family Centre while the rest of the profits have been split between the remaining charities.

Deane said she hoped at least a further $30,000 will be raised for the charities through future sales of the book which features over 200 photos of Bermuda’s well-known places and faces.

She told the Bermuda Sun: “The book has been selling really well in Bermuda — both to local Bermudians and to tourists, so we were able to donate $30k ahead of schedule.

“It is for a good cause and it is also a book that we think puts the island in a positive light for tourists.

“After all the expenses to produce the book were paid off, 100 per cent of the profits have been donated to the charities.

“The goals were twofold — to raise money for these very needy charities at a time when so much has been cut back from them, and to remind tourists what a wonderful destination Bermuda is and how much there is to do here — we show all sorts of activities.

“The more our book is on coffee tables around the world, the more people will come back to Bermuda and spend their money here.”

Bermuda is available from the Fairmont Hamilton and Southampton hotels, the Island Shop, Brown & Co. The Hamilton Book Store, Atelerie, The Bermuda Crafts Centre in Dockyard, Pulp & Circumstance at the airport. It retails at $75.