The Sassy Saxes serenaded shoppers outside Brown & Co on Friday night. *Photo by Michelle Dismont-Frazzoni
The Sassy Saxes serenaded shoppers outside Brown & Co on Friday night. *Photo by Michelle Dismont-Frazzoni

MONDAY, DEC. 3: As the late–night shopping madness yet again threatens to pull Christmas deeper into the pocket of consumerism, there’s a wonderful tradition which still slows the passing crowds during the frenzy – festive music played live in the open air.

Who doesn’t want to stop in their tracks when a (good) church choir is huddled together belting out ‘Hark! The Herald’ or trying to sing the ‘Gloria’ in one breath during ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’? I believe tradition can be a very enriching thing, so the hunt for presents must be paused while I hold my family close and enjoy the Christmas tunes – whether it comes via a brass band or a barbershop quartet (does anybody recall the Bermuda Trimmers serenading shoppers in Triminghams?).

The Sassy Saxes

One such group of performers was outside Brown & Co on Friday night. The Sassy Saxes, an all-girl saxophone quartet from Saltus Grammar School, were filling the Reid Street air with Christmas music while raising money for a trip to Denmark.

14-year-olds Tashae Trott (alto/soprano), Eva Frazzoni (alto), Mira Hartwig (tenor) and Shona Maule (baritone) are heading to Copenhagen to experience the Danish capital’s music and cultural environment first hand. They will tour the Royal Danish Academy of Music and pay a visit to both Tivoli Gardens, famous for its jazz entertainment, and Montmartre, the legendary Copenhagen jazz club.

Lisa Maule, head of Performing Arts at Saltus, said, “The trip to Copenhagen will extend their musical experience and broaden their horizons. The girls will work with world class musicians and have the opportunity to perform their own music as well which will greatly benefit the girls in their development as music students."

Catchy tunes

I for one am very happy for them to promote themselves whilst bringing cheer to my seasonal shopping.

My 2-year-old son Nathan thoroughly enjoyed their warm renditions of ‘Santa Baby’, ‘The First Noel’ and ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. Any time he heard the latter over the following weekend he would say “That’s the song the girls were singing”!

So, if you or anyone you know is going to be performing on the busy streets during December, please send photos or videos to me at and I shall endeavour to feature them on High quality video may even be used in our NewsBite newscast on local TV and web.

For more information about the Sassy Saxes, contact Lisa Maule at or 799-2308.