Dr Eva Hodgson is well known for her constant commitment to addressing the racism faced by blacks in Bermuda. *Photo supplied
Dr Eva Hodgson is well known for her constant commitment to addressing the racism faced by blacks in Bermuda. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, DEC. 30: Renowned race activist and author Dr Eva Hodgson has been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

Dr Hodgson is well known for her constant commitment to addressing the racism faced by blacks in Bermuda and founded the non-profit organization The National Association for Reconciliation.

She was raised with strong religious convictions and a deep concern for social justice.

Dr Hodgson spent several years away from Bermuda receiving her education and went on to gain three Masters Degrees as well as a PhD in African and Black American History.

In 1983 she was seconded to the Department of Education in a bid to preserve oral history and introduce human rights in the social science and civics curriculum.

She remains to this day a well-respected and out-spoken race advocate.

Meanwhile Alan Burland and Thomas B Butterfield have been awarded MBEs by the Queen.

Mr Butterfield is a well-known figure in the Bermudian arts scene and has been honoured for his passion, drive and commitment to the community through Masterworks.

While Mr Burland has served on a raft of boards across the island and represented Bermuda in sailing.

A further 10 Bermudians received Queen’s Certificates and Badges of Honour.

They include: Beverly Jones, Donna Bradshaw, Carol Ann Clarke, Alfred Scott, Gary Burgess, Andrew Bermingham, Leo Custodio, Estlyn Harvey and Anne Mello.

Members of the British Empire

Alan BurlandMr Alan Burland, MBE
To help support the community, Mr. Alan Burland, MBE has served on various boards on the Island, including but not limited to: Construction Association of Bermuda; Employers Council; Chamber of Commerce; Labour Advisory Council; Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers; Bank of Bermuda Foundation; numerous Technical Education Advisory Committees; Bermuda College; Bermuda Environmental Alliance; Bermuda First; Vestry of St. Anne’s Church and the Bermuda Sloop Foundation of which he is a Founding Member and Chairman.  Mr. Burland led the Bermuda Sloop technical committee during the design and building phases of Spirit of Bermuda, and he served as Watch Leader on the Spirit’s first transatlantic crossing.

Mr. Burland sees good education as the foundation for a sustainable society and he is committed to helping to improve public education in Bermuda.  He is a strong proponent of the Expeditionary Learning Schools model for education and he has proposed the concept of ‘blended education’ in the Bermuda Secondary Schools, whereby academic and technical learning are delivered together.

Mr. Burland is a keen sportsman.  He has represented Bermuda internationally in Sailing including in the 1984 Olympics where he finished 5th.  In 1983/84, he was named as Bermuda’s Athlete of the Year.

Tom ButterfieldMr Thomas Butterfield, MBE
Mr. Tom Butterfield is a well-known figure in the arts scene and he is being honoured for his passion, drive and commitment to the community through Masterworks.  For 26 years, Mr. Butterfield has been the driving force behind Masterworks and their goal of repatriating Bermuda artwork from all over the world and nurturing the Bermudian arts for both young and old.  The state-of-the-art Masterworks Museum in the Botanical Gardens has become a prime venue for the art community to come together to enjoy and create artwork and a place where Bermudians can learn about their heritage.  The Masterworks Museum is currently home to over 1,200 works of art inspired by Bermuda. 

Mr. Butterfield has earned the support of Bermuda’s top philanthropists and corporate magnates with his tireless efforts to promote his cause.  He has dauntlessly championed the funding and continued success of the Masterworks Museum and has personally raised over $2.5m in sponsorship for Masterworks by cycling and running: in 1992, he ran the London Marathon; in 1994, he ran the New York Marathon; in 1996 and every other year thereafter, he has cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats; London to Belgium and in 2009, St. Remy France to Lyme Regis, UK.

Queen’s Certificates and Badges of Honour

Beverly JonesMiss Beverly Jones
Miss Beverly Jones is being honoured for forming a Christian-based Ministry in 2008 that has reached out to women in the community who have encountered difficulties in their lives.  The Ministry has become a safe harbour for women to relate personal stories of their difficult struggles and how they have overcome these challenges.

Ms. Jones provides mentoring, encouragement, and empowers the women through caring and sharing.  One-on-one counseling,  as well as group counseling is also available to women in distress.

Donna Laureen BradshawMs Donna Laureen Bradshaw
Tennis professional, Ms Donna Laureen Bradshaw is well known in the local sporting community for her excellence on the court. Initially inspired by the success of her brother Jerome who burst on the scene as an accomplished and talented tennis player, Ms. Bradshaw picked up a tennis racquet at the age of 22 and decided that she too wanted to become a great tennis player.  Subsequently, tennis became the love of her life.  After stressful days in an office performing secretarial duties, she would head to the Government Tennis Stadium for relentless practices on the backboard.  Not long afterwards, she won several consolation titles and joined the All Bermuda Tennis Club (ABTC), participating in the Women’s League.  Between 1982 and 1983, Ms. Bradshaw won several Mixed Doubles Round-Robin tournaments, often partnering with her brother as a formidable brother/sister duo)  Ms. Bradshaw has also won numerous closed ABTC tournaments in the Ladies’ Singles, Ladies’ Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

Carol Anne Elizabeth ClarkeMiss Carol Anne Elizabeth Clarke
Miss Carol Anne Clark of Clarke’s Tuxedo Shop, is credited for giving selfless service to the community and to seniors in particular, over many years.  She has earned much respect and admiration for the numerous seniors’ fund-raising events that she has organized and participated in.  Miss Clarke is passionate about making life better for the Island’s seniors and for those less fortunate.

Alfred Ambrose ScottMr Alfred Ambrose Scott
Mr. Alfred Scott recently retired as custodian/care-taker of Camden in the Botanical Gardens - the official residence of the Premier of Bermuda.  Mr. Scott served as custodian/care-taker of Camden for 11 years.  Mr. Scott began his career as a Steward on the MV Queen of Bermuda before joining the Department of Public Transportation and serving 40 years as an operator, a dispatcher and supervisor.

In the community, Mr. Scott is a board executive of the Ex-Artillery Association; a board executive of the Blue Waters Anglers Club, a member of the Allen Temple Church Choir; a member of the Nu-En Chorale and the St. Paul Senior Choir.

Donald KramerMr Donald Kramer
Mr. Donald Kramer, the CEO of Ariel Re has contributed much to the Bermuda International Insurance Industry sector and the dance community in Bermuda.

He is regarded as a respected leader and voice in the international business scene. His depth of experience has served Bermuda well and contributed to stemming the campaign to paint Bermuda reinsurance as US tax avoidance.  As an advocate for the Bermuda economy, Mr. Kramer provided the official response to the US Senate Finance Committee inquiry into the alleged inequities of foreign owned insurers. 

Mr. Kramer believes in giving back to his community.  While Bermuda and Connecticut are home for him and his wife, Dance Bermuda, and the sponsoring of the Bermuda Art are ways in which Mr. Kramer gives back publicly to Bermuda.  Dance Bermuda allows Bermuda’s talented male and female dancers, teachers and choreographers to experience artistic greatness and expression with world-class training by internationally acclaimed teachers.

Gary BurgessDr Gary Burgess
Tenor, stage director and pedagogue, Dr. Gary Burgess has spent many years outside of Bermuda throughout his career and has been a major influence in placing Bermuda in high regard globally within the operatic arena. 

Dr. Burgess made his American debut in 1973 as a tenor with the San Francisco Opera Company. In the same year he made his European debut with the Greek National Opera.  Over the course of his career, Dr. Burgess has performed with many major orchestras across the US and Canada and worked with some of the world’s most distinguished conductors.  He has over 45 operatic roles, including most of the major tenor roles in the standard repertoire and over 30 major oratorios and orchestral works under his belt.  In addition, he has directed or conducted over 35 operas, along with a number of operettas and Broadway musical productions.

Dr. Burgess has been a master teacher in Bratislava, Prague, Sao Paulo, Ottawa and most of the major universities across the US.

In 1998 he joined the Ministry of Culture as Programme Director and was Musical Director of the Bermuda Philharmonic Society.  Dr. Burgess wrote and premiered two symphonies for the Bermuda Philharmonic Orchestra – Dawn of a New Day, and The Bermuda Symphony that were based on the discovery of Bermuda.  He also founded and directed the Boys Choir at the Bermuda Cathedral for six years.

Dr. Burgess also assisted local artists by offering free voice lessons to aspiring singers.  Now retired, Dr. Burgess still enjoys travelling, performing, directing and giving master classes and recitals.

Andrew BerminghamMr Andrew Bermingham
Well-known historian, author and former police officer, Mr. Andrew Bermingham is dedicated to preserving and promoting Bermuda’s history and culture.  Since his retirement in 1994, Mr. Bermingham has maintained his interest in the Island’s history and culture by serving on various committees and making donations to the Archives, the Bermuda Historical Society and the Bermuda Maritime Museum.  He is also responsible for the 2007 total revamp of the Bermuda Historical Society Museum at Par la Ville.

In 1993 he was appointed Honorary Custodian of the 138 Commonwealth War Graves in Bermuda and in 1996 he was responsible for the renovation and upgrading of the Boer Cemetery on Long Island.

Mr. Bermingham serves as a volunteer history lecturer for the Department of Tourism in their Rendezvous Season, and he is a founding member of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs’ Historical Heartbeats Committee.  He is currently President of the Bermuda Historical Society.  In 1999 Mr. Bermingham did the original research and headed up the team that successfully applied for World Heritage Status for St. George.  Mr. Bermingham has also assisted Miss Carol Everson in gaining better benefits and pensions for Bermuda’s ‘forgotten’ WWII Soldiers.

Mr. Bermingham is the author of Bermuda Military Rarities - a book of stories of unusual events in Bermuda’s long military history.  He also co-authored The Renaissance Man - a biography on the life of Dr. John Stubbs.

In 1993 Mr. Bermingham and MP, Mr. Dale Butler co-chaired the Police Tumin Committee Report which became the benchmark for the reorganization and modernization of the Bermuda Police Service.

Leo CustodioMr Leo Manuel Custodio
Professional golf instructor Mr. Leo Manuel Custodio has been a mentor and inspiration to several generations of Bermuda’s golfers.  Honoured for his outstanding service to the golfing community, Mr. Custodio has given his life to teaching junior and adult golf for over 50 years.  Now in his 80’s, he is still teaching and very much involved in the Bermuda Junior Golf Association.  He is credited for teaching the fundamentals of how to play golf, including characteristics such as honesty, integrity and respect which enabled junior golfers to develop into productive adults.  In 2003 his contributions earned him the Community Centre’s Recognition and Service to Youth Award from the Ministry of Community Affairs and Sport, for outstanding commitment and dedication.

All of Mr. Custodio’s students attest to their endearing respect for him – in particular, his patient, understanding, caring nature and effective teaching style.

Estlyn HarveyMs Estlyn Harvey
At her graduation ceremony from Ryerson University in Canada in 1964, Ms. Estlyn Harvey was proclaimed the first qualified female health inspector in the Western Hemisphere. When she joined the Bermuda Government Department of Health shortly afterwards, she became Bermuda’s first female health inspector.  Her Civil Service career spanned 43 years.  She also served as Senior Environmental Health Officer for 6 years and in 1992, she was appointed Chief Environmental Health Officer – a post she held for 15 years before her retirement in 2007.  Ms. Harvey led a team of 36 employees in monitoring the Island’s Safety and Health, Vector Control and Environmental Health. During her tenure in the Department of Health, Mrs. Harvey was responsible for the enforcement of several pieces of Legislation that promote a healthy and safe environment.  These include the Public Health Act, Radiation Act, Pharmacies and Poisons Regulations, Plumbing and Drainage, Day Care Centres, Residential Senior Homes, Hairdressers, Barbers and Tattoo Parlours. 

Ms. Harvey continues to be a passionate advocate for the quality of life for everyone - especially children and seniors.  She currently sits on the Board of Education; she is Deputy Chairperson of the Consumer Affairs Board and Deputy Chairperson of the Age Concern Board.  She is also a life and active member of the Bermuda Public Services Union and she has been involved with the Adult Education School, Keep Bermuda Beautiful.

Anne MelloMrs Anne Mello
Best known for her work as Chairman of The Bermuda End to End charity, Mrs. Mello is credited with helping to make Bermuda a better place for many people.  She has been a volunteer with numerous charitable events including those promoting health, fitness and the environment. 

After qualifying as a cardiac rehabilitation fitness instructor, Mrs. Mello soon realized that Bermuda needed many more qualified fitness instructors - not only for cardiac patients, but for every gym and  sporting club - so she set about training them. 

Mrs. Mello also helped to establish the SART (Sexual Response Team).  She sought high level training for local doctors and nurses and ensured that Bermuda had a well-trained team available 24-hours a day.  She worked with the Bermuda Hospital’s Board to set up a room for rape victims to ensure that their dignity is respected while medical tests and police questioning takes place.

Mrs. Mello has been involved with the Bermuda End to End charity for 23 years and works tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the success of the event.  She takes a real interest and is actively involved in many of the charities that have benefitted from donations of $4 million.  The Bermuda End to End has over 500 volunteers who willingly help each year – led by her energy and enthusiasm.  In the past two years, Mrs. Mello has been a member of The Argo Glee Project that uses performing arts to bring teenagers from different schools together to help break through social and radial barriers.

*Biographies and photographs provided by the Department of Communication and Information