Jimmy Keys says his show has a bit of something for everybody. *Photo supplied
Jimmy Keys says his show has a bit of something for everybody. *Photo supplied

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4: Jimmy Keys will be back in Bermuda for New Year’s Eve to bring the laughs, music and a night filled with entertainment.

The veteran entertainer will perform at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess in the Harbourview Ballroom for a special New Year’s Eve show.

Patrons will be treated to a five-course dinner and complimentary champagne at midnight. 

Keys is looking forward to the show and is hoping to see familiar faces in the crowd along with new ones.

He still has friends in Bermuda after living here in the eighties and nineties.

“I have got some new routines and some new characters.

“I’m going to be doing Bob Dylan, Tom Jones, a rock medley with The Who, Van Halen and Aerosmith.

“I’m also going to be doing a Rat Pack medley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis.

“This is all new from last year.”

He continued: “I will be doing plenty of sing-alongs since it’s New Year’s Eve.

“We had a great crowd last year.”

Asked why people should attend the show, Keys said: “It’s a high energy one-man show.

“It’s a variety show, quite unusual these days and it features me on the keyboard, comedy and music with strong vocals.

“It’s a bit of something for everybody.”

As far as the range of the audience, Keys said: “Last year, we got quite a broad age range.

“I had people in my show from teens to here in Florida in their nineties.

“Last year the show was quite a range.

“A lot of faces I recognised and also there were some new people.

“People can expect something different that they haven’t seen before.

“I still do shows all over The States, in Canada and international.”

He continued: “It would be great to see everybody come out.

“I will be featuring some of the classic things that I’ve done over the years in Bermuda and some of the new stuff.

“It’s quite an interactive show.

“I would love to see everybody again, those who know me can see some of the old routines and those who’ve never seen me can come out and have some fun.”

“It’s a great one stop one night out,” he added.

Keys will be performing from 9pm to 11pm that night.

Tickets are $169 per person including dinner, champagne and gratuities and are available on www.bdatix.bm