Girl with the plan: Tamara Bradshaw is lead coordinator for the City Fashion Festival. *Photo supplied
Girl with the plan: Tamara Bradshaw is lead coordinator for the City Fashion Festival. *Photo supplied

After months of behind-the-scenes organization, Bermuda’s fashion event of the year is finally upon us.

The City Fashion Festival opens on Monday, July 7, with the Hair and Beauty Show, followed by the Local Designer Show on July 10 and the Evolution Fashion Show on July 12.

As the big day approaches, lead coordinator Tamara Bradshaw rests on no laurels. She is frantically tying up the loose ends after months of intense organization. It’s lucky she has a passion for fashion. She spoke to the Bermuda Sun about how it all began.

What final touches do you have to do as the big day approaches? 

I have to make sure all the models and our participants are ready for their scenes, that they have all the clothing prepared, the models are set for hair and make-up and the props are ready, etc.

Describe your main duties as lead co-ordinator.

There are many responsibilities from sending emails to models, to choreographing scenes, determining fitting times, arranging photo shoots, approving artwork etc. In a nut shell, being the main correspondence for all parties involved from the technical team to the retailers to the models and their parents and seeing it all through.

Who do you enjoy working with most at the festival and why? 

The whole Evolution team is amazing to work with, we all come up with the craziest ideas for the events and then try to make them a reality. The models are really awesome as well, they differ every year but there is always that connection after being together so much over the two months of rehearsals.

Describe your background in fashion. 

At university I realized it was one of my main passions. There I started my fashion blog and learned that fashion is a diverse world and more than just the pages in a magazine — it’s a lifestyle. I was immersed in the fashion blogger lifestyle. I was also very interested in events and it was with the Evolution Fashion Show that I found something that I can dive into that combined two of my passions.

How did you get into fashion? 

I first officially got into fashion through my blog On Pink Shores. After establishing this as something more than just a little hobby, I attended fashion conferences and Fashion Weeks in New York and pursued opportunities locally.

Who have been your top mentors? 

In the world of events and entertainment I would definitely consider Danilee (Trott) as a mentor. She has been in the industry since she was my age and has grown into such a respectable figure with so many contacts. In the world of fashion, there are so many people I look up to. All their stories are different but they all have one thing in common — success driven by their passion and focus in fashion.

Who has influenced you career-wise? 

Danilee has definitely influenced my career in the biggest way. I started at the Corporation as a volunteer and intern that just wanted to be a part of the biggest fashion event on the island, to now being the lead coordinator full time in just two years.

What are the worst and best parts of the job? 

The worst part is definitely the endless typing of lists and emails, but it is also the most important because that is the part that keeps everybody organized. The best part is no doubt watching the event unfold and seeing all my hard work over the past six months come to life. It’s like watching your baby grow up super-fast!

What are your ultimate professional goals? 

Ultimately I would love to travel the world and plan or be involved with fashion events around the globe. Fashion is different everywhere you go and I would love to experience the different cultures and their fashion showcases as well as their countries.

What are some of the highlights of the main Evolution show we should be anticipating?

There are so many fun things about Evolution this year! The soundtrack is always one of my favourite parts but it is how the models bring everything to life that makes it unforgettable. We have scenes that don’t just showcase clothes but also have a theme and entertain. Some scenes to look out for are A.S. Cooper Kids, Marks & Spencer and Secrets, just to name a few.