Chewstick is selling 'virtual tags' as part of their fundraising on Friday. *Photo supplied
Chewstick is selling 'virtual tags' as part of their fundraising on Friday. *Photo supplied

TUESDAY, DEC. 4: The Chewstick Foundation will hold its first tag day on Friday in its effort to raise $30,000.

Volunteers will be set up all over Hamilton to distribute “hearts of gold” to those who donate.

A press statement said: “In typical Chewstick fashion, they are upping the ante on Tag Days as usual by introducing Bermuda’s first ever ‘Virtual Tag Day’ starting Wednesday and are challenging the online community to raise more than those on the street.

“Chewstick has partnered with to offer this unique concept which, if successful, could pave the way for a new fundraising model for the non-profit community, and go a long way toward raising their target of $30,000.

“In addition to the virtual tag day twist, fortunate passersby on the street will be treated to busking-style performances as artists take their talents to the streets in support of The Chewstick Foundation.”

Some of the artists include Princess Black, Haz, Rivah, Caiside and many more.

“The Chewstick Foundation is targeting to raise the funds needed to enable them to continue the work they do to bring our divided community together and help heal age old wounds by providing people the opportunity to express and understand each other in an environment of respect, freedom, love, and truth.”

The statement also said: “By supporting The Chewstick Foundation, you are not only enabling them to continue and expand their programmes, but you are also ensuring that Chewstick is able to assist partner charities in furthering their mission by providing a platform and resources that might otherwise not be available.

“Chewstick is the front line of change, attracting the most diverse, inclusive and exciting audience and participants to be found and they need your help to raise funds to keep doing the work that they do.

“Chewstick is also inviting those interested in volunteering to come forward to donate an hour or two to raise awareness of the The Chewstick Foundation and gain support for their outreach, programmes, and infrastructure.”

If you are interested in volunteering for the tag day, call 292-2439 or email for more information.

You can also sign-up to volunteer online at