The mural Big, Brave, Bold Bermuda. *Photo supplied
The mural Big, Brave, Bold Bermuda. *Photo supplied

A magnificent mural created by Masterworks’ Artist in Residence Elliott Wilson, with the help of 50 of the island’s school children and community members, will go on display this evening. 

The four and a half meter long mural titled Big, Brave, Bold Bermuda (pictured) covers the island and its landmarks using 10,000 pieces of tiny squares of linen in various colours. The show will also include a number of small oil paintings by the artist of scenes around the island.

Wilson told the Bermuda Sun: “The mural comprises famous landmarks in it and has Johnny Barnes in the middle. St George’s Preparatory, Warwick Academy, and East End Primary deserve a special mention for their help, as does Nancy Frith.”

While he has always been interested in the arts, previous careers have included professional cricketer to corporate financier. He explained: “I’ve always done art. I probably would have always done it regardless of what journey I made. Art is a lovely pastime, and it’s important to make our communities as beautiful and positive environments as we can. I’ve done different things ... but art will always be part of my journey.”

Wilson won an art scholarship to Felsted School, Essex, UK and soon began getting picked up by galleries and shown internationally. “It’s important to get your name out there, but I’ve just focused on the art as it’s a rotten business plan,” he said. 

The show opens at the Masterworks this evening and runs until December 27. The opening reception takes place tonight from 5.30-7pm.