Tropical Storm Gabrielle as seen earlier this week. *AFP photo
Tropical Storm Gabrielle as seen earlier this week. *AFP photo

Tropical Storm Gabrielle did little damage to the island as she blew past Bermuda on Wednesday morning.

Just 20 customers are without power as of 5pm on Wednesday as a result of Tropical Storm Gabrielle. A BELCO spokesperson said four are in the central parishes, three in the eastern end of the island and 13 in at the west end. 

In addition, BELCO has investigated and found no problem with the delivery of electricity to a Central parish housing complex with approximately 20 residents. They have been advised to contact their property manager to determine whether a protection switch needs to be reset, or if there is some other problem with the property’s equipment, as restoration depends on correcting a problem within the complex’s system.

Earlier today, BELCO reported there were scattered outages throughout the night. The Operations Centre and crews kept working to restore outages. A spokesperson said: "At this hour (10:30am), 54 customers remain without power after Tropical Storm Gabrielle, including 48 at the West End of the island. There are a few customers without power on Spice Hill Road where a low-voltage distribution pole has fallen; assessment of the work required for restoration in that location is underway."

The Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) advised that the island will continue to experience storm force winds and thunderstorm activity.

Gabrielle’s closest point of approach was around 2am. Overnight, the storm slowed considerably to 5 knots, and tropical storm force winds were experienced at various areas of the Island, with wind speeds between 50-60 knots.

A Government spokesperson said: "After very careful assessment and review this morning, the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) advised that all Government’s public schools will open today. And the Ministry of Education is requesting all related education staff and personnel, including teachers and Principals to report to work this morning.

"As it relates to other services the buses service will operate as normal. There will be sporadic ferry service due to the inclement weather and a further update on commuter service will be provided later this morning.

The BWS will continue to keep the public abreast of the latest forecast regarding TS Gabrielle as it makes its way out of the Bermuda area."

Somersfield, Warwick Academy and the Adult Education Centre are closed today. BHS is opening at 11am.