Ceramic brushes create volume. *Photo supplied
Ceramic brushes create volume. *Photo supplied

Smooth, shiny, voluminous hair coupled with the right cut and colour is labelled as the perfect hair. It is often had by movie stars, reality TV stars, models, fashion figures, royals, and famous people alike; whom in general all pay attention to detail when it comes to their sense of style and most importantly their hair. 

Clients often aspire to the hairstyles seen in People, OK, Allure, Marie Claire, and Vogue and on the big screen along with respective Fashion Weeks throughout the year. Replicating a star’s hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to update your image; however, having the celebrity hairstyle you aspire to is not always the right one for you but there can be alternative options that translate well, giving you the transformation you are looking for. Having the right face shape, texture of hair, lifestyle and maintenance regime play a huge role in the final product. Also let’s not forget the team they have working on them daily to ensure they look glam whilst gracing the streets with their presence. 

When searching for the right hair colour, always consider your skin tone and what colour best suits you, as we often pick celebrities with the colours we love who frequently have a completely different skin tone from ourselves. 

However this doesn’t mean you can’t have the technique with different colours that are best suited to your skin tones. 

Haircuts shadow the head and face shape, again giving the clients a haircut that best suits their criteria. Then on to styling — that plays a huge role in the final look, the respectable products, appropriate styling tools and a fool-proof regime will get you to the desired end result. 

Selecting the appropriate styling aids and styling tools for your hair type is essential to maximizing your end result. Round ceramic brushes create volume around the crown for fine hair and boar bristle brushes smooth and straighten coarse curly hair. 

Call in to your salons, make an appointment for a consultation and confer about your hair reality. 

Layers vs graduation, warm tones vs cool tones, waxes vs gels and short regimes vs long regimes and create your own celebrity hairstyle! 

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