Karla Lacey, COO of the BTA *File photo
Karla Lacey, COO of the BTA *File photo

Several jobs have been lost at the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Two messages to the Bermuda Sun newsroom put the figure at three.

Karla Lacey, COO of the BTA, told the Sun: “While it is not our policy to discuss individual personnel issues, we can confirm that in the lead-up to the BTA opening, we employed temporary administrative help through an outside local agency.  

“Those positions have since which either been filled by a permanent employee or are in the process of being filled now.  In line with the BTA’s focus on Bermudian employment, all such positions have been filled by Bermudians.”

She said the BTA are  seeking to fill a number of positions which have been, or are about to be, advertised.  

Ms Lacey said every BTA team member “is on a performance management plan with individualized objectives directly connected to the National Tourism Plan”  to ensure the success of the tourism industry.