Men’s Hockey League

Upstarts 1-6 Spartans

Spartans’ Donovan Simmons executed a penalty corner in the fourth minute to open the scoring.

It was plain sailing from then on for Spartans as Hemijah Bean scored field goals in the eighth and 60th minute.

 Dylan Pacheco hammered a hat-trick to pile on the misery for Upstarts, for whom Donald Moniz blasted home a consolation in the 50th minute. 

Women’s A League

Ravens A 1-0 Longtails A

Both teams fought hard to make the breakthrough but both defended well.

Extraordinary play by Longtails’ Maya Palacio saw her dribble the ball up the field to find Kirstie Jones, near the circle, who struck the ball just past the keeper’s right post.

The second half saw  Longtails stave off Ravens attacks.

However, the winner came when Joanne Bielby received the ball from the 50-metre line and crossed to the far post to find the unmarked Kristen Ingleman. She slipped the ball home with just six minutes remaining. 

Budgies A 4-0 Ravens A

A comfortable win from Budgies A saw goals from  Keishae Robinson, Yvonna Osbourne, Francesca Cacace and Tse Minors.

Women’s B League

Bluebirds 2-3 Ravens

Another balanced game between these two teams saw a good match-up of youth and experience.

Ravens’ Kristen Ingleman scored from a penalty corner to the right post between a defender’s legs in the eighth minute.

But Bluebirds’ Jo-Ann Smith collected a long pass from Jill Finnigan and cracked the ball past the Ravens’ keeper for a field goal to equalize.

Andrea Cann then drew  the defender and Ravens keeper for a field goal in the 19th minute to put the
Bluebirds 2-1 up at half-time.

The second half saw a lot more action.  Ravens’ Megan Troake dribbled the ball into the circle and her hit found Mollie O’Donnell on the left post to level it up at 2-2.

 Both teams continued the pressure but a controversial decision and a quick break created an opportunity for Ravens’ Georgia Harris to break the tie and win the game for Ravens. 

Ravens 4-2 Longtails

Longtails’ Maya Palacio was the first to score from a field goal in the 19th minute from a pass by Tiana Correia.

But back came Ravens through Mollie O’Donnell and Kristen Ingleman to go 2-1.

Into the second half, Ravens’ Carolyn Soares stretched the lead to 3-1 before Kristen Ingelman made it four.

Longtails’ Selina Whitter had an outstanding game, though, and it was her pass to Palacio, who dribbled all the way from the 25-metre line, that saw her score a consolation right on the final whistle.