Ready to roll: The first three e2os rolled off the docks this week. The electric car is being sold by Auto Solutions in partnership with Bermuda Engineering. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead

Could this be Bermuda’s first rental car?

A new vehicle powered solely by electricity has landed in Bermuda, breaking new ground in the automobile and sustainability industries.

It’s the first time that such a machine will be available to buy in a dealership in Bermuda.

But those behind the arrival of the Mahindra Reva e2o from India believe it could also break ground in the tourism sector too by becoming the first hire car for visitors.

The project to bring the e2o has been 18 months in the making and involved trips to the manufacturers in India.

And it is spearheaded by Bermuda Engineering, who have joined forces with Auto Solutions, to make the car available to islanders for just under $25,000.

Stuart Kriendler, manager and solar specialist at Bermuda Engineering told the Bermuda Sun: “I feel we need four-wheeled rental vehicles in Bermuda, that is a no-brainer.

“There are many people who will simply rule us out as a travel destination, and potentially a business destination, since we only rent scooters.

“It makes complete sense to have a vehicle which, first of all, is small.

“This makes it easier for people to park, drive on our narrow roads and means that taxis are still very necessary for airport pick-ups and full family tours.

“If we are going to increase the number of vehicles on the road, then again they should be small.

“And the amount of pollution they produce should also be small, ideally zero, both noise pollution and air pollution.

“This is where an electric four-wheeled class A vehicle with the smartest technology makes the absolute most sense.

“If we are renting them then they should also be able to have navigation functions — like Google maps embedded in them and be smart phone compatible, and have a reverse camera to reduce the chance of accidents even further.”

He added: “The other attributes of this car, besides the most important ones of safety and comfort, are the intangibles of people who will say, ‘wow, I rented a vehicle that was different when I went to Bermuda, it was smart and fun to drive and quiet and didn’t pollute’.”

The first three e2o vehicles arrived on Monday on board the Oleander at Hamilton Docks.

Auto Solutions boss Glen Smith added: “We believe the e2o would make the ideal tourist rental vehicle.

“For us it is about providing customers with choice.

“And whether they want a diesel car, a gas car or electric car we intend to be able to provide them with that choice.

“The goal is also providing options that promote a more sustainable environment in Bermuda.”