Welcome to our weekly Q&A to keep you up-to-date on developments at the new Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA). 

What is the National Tourism Plan?

The National Tourism Plan is core to setting the priorities of the BTA. 

It will be reviewed continually and modified to meet changing circumstances. 

It will always give the BTA targets for the future and help steer Bermuda towards success in tourism. 

A summary of the National Tourism plan is available on the BTA website at www.bermudatourism.com

Above all else, the Plan is about increasing tourism revenues for Bermuda and about creating new and additional jobs in Bermuda.

The National Tourism Plan was commissioned by the Government of Bermuda in October, 2011. The Plan was completed in 2012 and was immediately set into motion with short -term goals. 

One of the many recommendations was changed. The Government determined that the management of tourism should be placed in the hands of an indepenedent authority, with long-term priorities and hence the Bermuda Tourism Authority was created. The Plan outlined a list of eight strategic objectives as follows: 

• Build a unique and competitive positioning

• Create a unique positioning: authentic and unique Bermuda

• Differentiate from the competition (Caribbean)

Reduce seasonality and create new demand

• Reduce seasonality in the shoulder months from September to March

• New product development

• Create destination hubs

• Niche segment marketing

Rebalance air versus cruise

• Realign air and cruise arrivals; grow yacht marketing

Increase visitor spending

• Increase total visitor expenditure from $421 million in 2011 to $595 million in 2015 and $1,468 million in 2022

• Increase air arrivals expenditure from $1,511 per trip in 2011 to $1944 per trip in 2015 and $2,814 in 2022

• Focus on luxury segment

Improve quality throughout the Tourism Value Chain

• Ensure international standards

• Create value for visitors

• Build competitiveness

• Improve physical facilities

• Develop human capacity

Build pride and create jobs

• Increase jobs in the tourism sector from 9% in 2011 to 15% in 2022

• Make working in the tourism sector attractive 

Business development and attract investment

• Stimulate small and medium businesses

• Engage private sector;

• Attract and secure international investment;

Build economic, social and environmental sustainability

• Create economic value, social value and environmental value. 

Next time we will look at the five areas of focus.


Bill Hanbury is CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority