“National Unity” is a child of “National Trust”. 

It is now crystal clear to all and sundry that at this point in Bermuda’s history, many in our midst who publicly call for “Unity”, privately glory in not upholding the root issue of “Trust”.

Let me repeat what I stated on National Television.

We do what we do, not for self, but for our people. At this point in time, it is not relevant to us if one voted PLP, OBA or abstained from voting. Anyone who is a Bermudian is “our people”.

Hence, what is of primary importance to us, is the setting of a plan of action for all Bermudians. To this end, this week we will begin to lay out our plans and visions for the evolution of Bermuda and Bermudians; Debt reduction; Self-empowerment; Economic diversity; Rebuilding of education; National infrastructure development.

We humbly thank you for continuing to speak with us, listening to us and most importantly, putting your trust in us. We take none of this lightly.