Government House. *File photo
Government House. *File photo

Premier, the Hon. L. Craig Cannonier, JP, MP today announced the launch of a Public Service Reform initiative designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Civil Service, which is seen to be a critical component in stabilizing the local economy.

Based on the United Kingdom Civil Service Reform model, the Public Service Reform initiative will have a similar focus and also serve as the platform to implement some of the SAGE recommendations that the government has determined it supports, as well as incorporate other major organizational change initiatives which may not be included in the recommendations.

Premier Cannonier said “The cost of running Government and our current debt crisis threatens to destabilize the foundation of the country.  After carefully considering the body of organizational development work that has been undertaken over the past few years,  we will now take the immediate and critical next steps to move forward with reforms to modernize and transform the public service into an organization that is cost effective, purpose driven, and efficient. This initiative will help us economically and give Bermuda a competitive advantage as we compete globally for foreign direct and indirect investment.”

The process of Reform began late last year with the Ministerial portfolio changes that consolidated all corporate services; a move that was deemed to be a necessary prerequisite to successfully drive the required change process.

The Premier added “I am very encouraged by the number of Public Servants who are eager to support the Reform plan because in order to be successful, we’re going to need to harness their talent to find new ways to reduce the bureaucracy and put systems in place that will make our public services more user-friendly, responsive, transparent and innovative.”

The government will initially focus on implementing short-term deliverables and simultaneously work with stakeholders such as the Civil Service and various Union representatives to complete the Reform Plan.  More complex initiatives will be addressed in subsequent months.

The Premier concluded “I view this as another great opportunity for us to work together on behalf of the country – because Bermuda deserves a government that is focused on outcomes, not on processes.  Over the next few days and weeks you can expect to hear more from me about Public Service Reform.”