Statement by Shadow Home Affairs Minister Walter Roban

The PLP supports linking future concession packages  to jobs and opportunities for Bermudians.  We are pleased to see that Minister Fahy has finally come around to the PLP's position that future concession packages must be linked to sustainable job levels and opportunities for Bermudians.

We further propose that concessions should also be tied to succession planning and workforce diversity.  To whom much is given, much is expected and we believe that concessions must be tied to the hiring, training and promotion of Bermudians at every level.

As The OBA ATTEMPTS to introduce Commercial Immigration, we must ensure that Bermudians are not forced to watch from the sidelines as everyone else from everywhere else reaps the benefits.

Today, ten Bermudians find themselves without jobs.  They join the countless number who continue to find themselves unemployed or unable to gain employment.  We have seen a year without an OBA Jobs plan and year of inaction on jobs for Bermudians. Bermudians need progress not more promises.

In the absence of an OBA Jobs plan for Bermudians, we renew our call for the government to implement the PLP's Jobs Plan as laid out in our Reply to the Throne Speech.

Leaders recognize that good ideas have no political affiliation and that progress, not promises, are what is needed now.