Wow — one year of an OBA government already, huh? Looking back, I alternately either laugh or shake my head.

I don’t recall any government anywhere, in recent history, having so many political disasters in one year. It is either outright arrogance or just lack of PR skills. And if there was no arrogance the PR would not be needed.

Let’s recap a year of blunders:

• Initially increased size of Cabinet, having promising to cut it

• Gave two Senators a sizeable pay increase

• Broke promise to suspend Term Limits

• Attempted to give children of guest workers the right to work

• Made 30 W&E workers redundant

• Raised debt by 50%

• Claimed Heritage Wharf was complete when it was actually incomplete and over budget

• Attempted to close Lamb Foggo clinic

• Called Bermudians Xenophobic

• Cut social services, scholarships

• Jetgate

• Hersheygate

• Hired consultants on the sly

• Increased tax on seniors

• Dissolved Tourism Department

• No Jobs created

• Threatening 1,700 civil servants jobs.

There is never a dull moment with these folks. Most of these scandals are self-inflicted as they have a penchant for attempting to do things in the dark of night. They usually end up getting exposed in the midst of their acts.

When questioned, they either go into denial or offer some answer that defies logic. It is all totally unneeded and flies in the face of their campaign promise of “openness and transparency”.

Now we have a total UBP Cabinet. All the new folks are victims of the purge; Sylvan Richards, Leah Scott, Nalton Brangman.

As Nelson Mandela said, “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.”

So even though I go for the jugular, I have got to meet quite a few OBA Senators, MPs, supporters and ex supporters. I have found myself wondering, why do we as Bermudians have so much division? Why is it we cannot harness our talents and cut out the ‘gotcha’ moments.

MP Dennis Lister, stated on Friday, Dec. 6 that it is time for the PLP and the OBA to meet in the centre and do what needs to be done. It would show we believe in ourselves as Bermudians.

So to the OBA, I say ‘happy anniversary’. Thanks for providing me with plenty of material to write about. But it is time to write with you. Let’s try some collective and pro-active approaches on our journey of self-determination. At times you folks have some innovative ideas that are worth exploring. Let’s try a new approach next year and be truly open and honest. Let’s try to truly address issues jointly.

Our people do not need another year of tribal war. n