A recent poll gauging the public’s opinion of Bermudian politics showed that more voters supported the PLP than the OBA.

Additionally, Opposition Leader Marc Bean’s performance had a 10-point spread in favourability ranking over Premier Cannonier.

What can explain this shift that is occurring amongst the voters?

On December 17 last year, the PLP lost the election. On December 18, the PLP began to evolve once again, though re-connecting with the people of Bermuda.  

We have sought solutions that would improve the lives of hardworking Bermudians, and have focused on the following:

Incentives for Bermudian job creation

• Expanding fairness & opportunities for Bermudians in the workplace

• Cutting red tape & rolling out the red carpet for Bermudian businesses

• Increasing Government revenue

• Diversification of our revenue base:

— Islamic finance

— Blue Economy

— Referendum on gaming

— Satellite revenue

— Development of our shipping & plane register.

We have supported legislation that was in the best interest of Bermudians and further enhanced legislation by making suggestions to strengthen bills that were tabled in the House of Assembly.

We have held at least 10 town hall meetings on a myriad of topics;

— Economy

— Civil service jobs

— Crime prevention

— Community groups

— Self-empowerment

— SAGE Report

We have taken the concerns of the people to the wider media via:

— Facebook

— Bermuda Sun

— Larry Scott show

— Sherri Simmons show

— Let’s Talk

We have connected with the community by having social events such as:

• Thank You Party in February

• Family Fun day in June

• Think Pink Party in October

• Family Reunion in November

The reality is that polls do not create jobs, nor feed our people. Bermudians demand sound leadership not popularity contests. So for this reason the PLP will continue our efforts to uplift and assist Bermudians, and to accommodate our short and long term visitors. 

We will continue to work with the OBA government where possible, and provide alternative solutions when needed. 

Maynard Dill is chairman of the PLP