Missing: Pitbull Hershey was stolen on Monday. *Photo supplied
Missing: Pitbull Hershey was stolen on Monday. *Photo supplied

A dog owner is appealing to the public to her find her puppy that was stolen from her house on Monday.

Gina Davis says her five-month old pit bull Hershey was stolen just two weeks after her house was burgled with the suspects stealing her phone, jewellery and a brand new Movado watch.

Hershey was taken from her backyard on between 2pm and 5pm on Monday afternoon.

“I came home and I thought he was inside. My son came inside and asked me if I had him.

‘That’s when we realised he was gone.”

Ms Davis said Hershey had been released from his leash. “I haven’t heard anything. I called the radio station and put it out there.

“I have sent e-mails, I put it on Facebook. I have sent e-mails to everyone and asked them to share it.

“I have posters that I’m going to put up on my way home.”

Ms Davis explained she had spoken with the vet who told her because pit bulls are banned, they cannot be licensed, therefore the matter can’t be reported to police.

Speaking on the burglary two weeks ago, Ms Davis said it happened while she was asleep.

She woke up to find her phone missing, but didn’t realise there had been a burglary.

It wasn’t until she got home later that evening with a friend when she realised her jewellery box and gym bag were gone as well.

Her Movado watch – a birthday present to herself- was inside the gym bag.

Ms Davis said the burglars cut a screen in a kitchen window and climbed in that way. They left through the front door.

Addressing the fact that pit bulls are banned, Ms Davis said: “I don’t think that any dog should be banned. All dogs should be able to be licensed.

“People who license the dogs should make sure that the owners are treating the dogs correctly.

“The dogs behave the way that they are taught to behave. The only thing that makes a dog vicious is a human.”

Ms Davis also said people who make dogs vicious should be banned from owning dogs, not certain breeds be banned. 

If you see Hershey, contact Ms Davis on 704- 5683.