Director of Statistics Valerie Robinson-James *File photo
Director of Statistics Valerie Robinson-James *File photo

On Tuesday, October 15th 2013, the Bermuda Government Department of Statistics will join hands with sister National Statistical Offices in the CARICOM Region to celebrate “Caribbean Statistics Day”. In March 2013, the Department of Statistics officially joined with more than 2,000 organizations worldwide to recognize 2013 as International Year of Statistics, as declared by the United Nations Statistical Commission.

The celebration of both events is based on the far-reaching effects of statistics on everyone, and an inherent lack of awareness by many people of how statistics improve their lives. “Most people are unaware of how statistical data and information produced by the Department of Statistics are gathered, processed and used,” states the Director of Statistics, Mrs. Valerie Robinson-James. “The Department of Statistics is mandated to provide accurate, reliable and relevant data to strengthen and support a culture of evidence-based policy and decision-making.”

“There is a direct link between the statistical data that we produce and the decisions made regarding areas that affect us in some way such as healthcare, education, income levels, employment, business start-ups, housing, rent, retail food prices, utility costs,  elderly care and childcare. Statistics tells us stories and paints clear pictures about what has occurred or is happening in the Bermuda society.

In support of International Year of Statistics, the Statistics team has focused on public awareness and education; what statistics are produced; and how they are used to advance the well being of Bermuda residents. Monthly statistical facts are being featured on the Cablevision Community Channel; the statistics staff has been visiting schools to make presentations on statistics and the work of the Department. CITV is currently broadcasting the introduction of a National Statistical Strategy that was launched by the Department in September; and, a future CITV broadcast will highlight in greater detail what the Department does and key stakeholders such as Age Concern and the Bermuda College who share how they use statistical data and information.

In the spirit of the theme: “Statistics in Everyday Life: Let us Educate and Appreciate”, on Tuesday October 15th the Department of Statistics will host for the first time a statistics “OPEN HOUSE”.  There will be a host of activities held during the course of the “Open House”. Several Government Departments and private organizations have partnered with the Department of Statistics to help promote awareness about the different types of statistical data, how they are used and the impact on our everyday lives. Some of these partners include HM Customs, Bermuda Hospital Board, the Ministry of Health, Public Works Waste Management and National Drug Control. They will have an array of displays to share and promote the part they play in the use of statistical data. 

A number of interactive activities have been planned to engage students and promote their understanding. The Open House journey will be an exciting experience for all visitors.

Overall the main objectives of Statistics Day and the International Year of Statistics are:

To increase public awareness of the impact of statistics on all aspects of society

To nurture statistics as a profession, especially among young people

To promote creativity and development in the science of statistics

Who is invited to the Open House?

The general public; teachers, students, business persons and organizations - Come and meet the people behind the numbers!

The Open House will be broadcasted live from the Statistics Department on the radio show Community Voices 89.1FM, commencing at 12:15 pm, featuring interviews of staff and stakeholders discussing statistical information around diverse topics such as health, education, income, employment, imports of goods to Bermuda. However, everyone is invited to visit the Department from 10:30am to 3:30pm.

The Department of Statistics takes this opportunity to thank all stakeholders both businesses and households that have lent their continued support and cooperation during data collection surveys. Your assistance in providing data and information continues to develop and strengthen Bermuda’s national statistical system for the delivery of sound quality decisions that impacts all of our lives.