Photos by Colby Medeiros
THE EYES HAVE IT: The Bermuda Sun’s Michelle Furbert is given a bridal makeover by Gibbons Company’s beauty consultant Alana Dowling, applying the Black Up make-up range to our model. Miss Dowling is using Black Up’s Intense Radiance Eyeshadow which she prefers because it ‘goes on nice and smoothly and really opens up the eye’.
Photos by Colby Medeiros THE EYES HAVE IT: The Bermuda Sun’s Michelle Furbert is given a bridal makeover by Gibbons Company’s beauty consultant Alana Dowling, applying the Black Up make-up range to our model. Miss Dowling is using Black Up’s Intense Radiance Eyeshadow which she prefers because it ‘goes on nice and smoothly and really opens up the eye’.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you will never have more photographs taken of you.

Your make-up therefore has to be perfect, and it should capture a classic, timeless ‘look’.

In 10, 20, 30 or more years’ time, you will want to avoid looking at a ‘dated’ wedding portrait on your mantelpiece.

When considering how you want to look on the big day, beauty consultant Alana Dowling recommends doing your research first by looking at bridal magazines, Internet sites and books on weddings.

Miss Dowling is one of Gibbons Company’s consultants who also specialize in bridal make-up.

By purchasing a minimum $50 product from the Black Up, Dior, Chanel, Guerlain or Lancome cosmetic lines, you can also have your bridal make-up done at the store.

The make-up applied will be specific to the line of the product you choose and an appointment takes about 45 minutes, pre-booked with the Cosmetics Department.

Miss Dowling demonstrated a bridal makeover for the Bermuda Sun, applying Black Up make-up to our model, Michelle Furbert. She also gave plenty of tips for brides-to-be on how to look their best on the big day.

“You should pick a look in which you feel at your most beautiful,” said Miss Dowling.

“For example, you might want a natural look or you might want to feel a bit more dramatic.

“Don’t be afraid to tell the make-up artist what you do and don’t want.”

Skin care and preparation is everything, she said.

“A key to perfect make-up is perfect skin. You should be getting into a skin care regime and a monthly facial is recommended.

“The earlier you start this, the better, whether it’s a year or six months in advance of your wedding date.”


“Also, the number one thing people are going to see is your foundation,” said Miss Dowling.

“Bermuda’s climate tends to be humid year-round, and more so in the summer. I therefore recommend using liquid foundation, and one which is oil-free, as it needs to be able to withstand humidity.

“Your skin has a natural radiance and glow, so if your foundation lacks this, you can use radiance drops as a back-up.

“The Black Up Complexion Enhancer helps to give a natural glow, so that can help on the day, to make your skin look more natural and radiant.”

She added: “And one of the most important tips I can give is to do your make-up in as natural light as possible. This is the best lighting.”

Eye make-up

“There is no right or wrong way when it comes to eye make-up, but for brides try to keep the colours soft and natural.

For a darker skin tone go for browns, golds and earth tones. If you want to look a bit ‘smoky’, use a little bit of charcoal, brown or grey.

“For lighter skin tones go with a nice shimmery beige or mocha brown, or try a light apricot or soft pink.

“I use Black Up’s Intense Radiance Eyeshadow. This goes on nice and smoothly and really opens up the eye.

“You can also use a liquid eyeliner, in black. If you have a paler skin tone then use a nice chocolate brown. Start from the outer corner and make your way in.”

Miss Dowling said Pearl Powder by Black Up of Paris can add highlights.

“If you apply this on top of the eyeshadow it will brighten and intensify the colour,” she said.


“I can’t stress it enough, but use waterproof mascara,” she said.

“Weddings are a very emotional time, so if you don’t want make-up running down your face then use waterproof mascara.

“You can also use an eyelash primer. Having nice, full long lashes on your wedding day is very nice.

“Another tip for ladies is, if you’re going to cry then take a tissue and lightly dab — don’t wipe. This will prevent your make-up from coming off.

“And if you don’t have a full set of lashes, try false eyelashes, with natural hairs. Don’t be afraid to try it. A mixture of brown and black hairs looks more natural.”


“Another tip for your wedding day is to make sure you get your eyebrows finely shaped,” said Miss Dowling.

“Do this a week before the wedding — don’t wait until the day before because this can redden the skin. You need to give the skin enough time to calm down and heal.

“Get your brows professionally shaped. They should frame the shape of your face.”


“It is nice if your lips and blush colour complement each other, but use a softer shade of pink on the lips,” she said.

“You want to look flushed, as if this is coming from underneath the skin, but don’t go too heavy.

“A bit of shimmer on the cheekbone will also give radiance. This looks nice when the sun shines on it, as a highlight on top of the blush.”


“When it comes to lip colours, use bronze shades, golds and apricots for darker skins, and mauves and soft pinks for lighter skin tones,” she said.

On purchase of a minimum $50 product, you can book your bridal make-up appointment by phoning the Gibbons Company Cosmetics Department.

“The make-up will usually last all day,” said Miss Dowling.

“If you have to do any touch-ups, it will usually be your lips, such as after eating and drinking.

“Also, if you perspire and become more shiny, you can touch-up your skin with a light powder.”

If you are unsure of your bridal look, the store’s beauty consultants also provide consultations, for a minimum $50 product purchase.

Miss Dowling gave us a demonstration of a bridal make-up look using cosmetics by Black Up of Paris. Michelle Furbert, the Bermuda Sun’s legals and data administrator, was our model.

The steps

Cleanse, tone, moisturize

Miss Dowling began by cleansing Michelle’s skin, using Bi-phase Cleansing Water make-up remover and cotton wool. Then she used a cleanser-toner, and applied moisturizer.

“You want to prep the skin before you put the foundation on,” she said.

“Just keep a residue of moisturizer on the skin, so that when you put on the foundation it will glide on the skin smoother.”

She used Hydratant Intense, an oil-free hydration fluid, and then applied Black Up’s Eye Contour Gel around the eyes, using gentle tapping motions.


“Use an oil-free fluid foundation and a drop of Complexion Enhancer,” said Miss Dowling.

She used Black Up’s Foundation shade No. 8 and Complexion Enhancer shade No. 3 on Michelle.

“I start on the areas where I feel the woman needs a bit more coverage, and any areas which need to be brightened up, which may look dark or dull,” she said.

“Then I smooth on the rest of the foundation, using what’s left on the (foundation) brush. That way you can’t see where the foundation stops or starts. It’s easier to apply little by little and build up the coverage — if you need coverage, not everyone does.

“Foundation should just enhance the look of the skin, not cover it.”

Eye concealer

Next she applied an under-eye concealer — Black Up Concealer, which has a brush tip applicator.

“I start on the inner corner of the eye as that tends to be the darkest, then under the eye, just lightly blending the concealer outwards.

“Don’t be afraid to put a bit on the top inner corner and lightly blend it outwards too. The eyes will look brighter and more lifted.”

She said: “The eye area is definitely where you want to conceal thoroughly, so you don’t have any dark areas on your photos. Take your time blending the product onto the skin, to conceal gently.”


Miss Dowling then shaped Michelle’s eyebrows, using an eyeshadow to fill in.

“If there are areas where the brows are very fine, then using a powder eyeshadow will look softer than a eyeliner or pencil,” she said.

“Use an angle brush and start with a little. Then apply more, to bring up the colour, using light, short strokes.”


“The lips should complement the blush colour, so pick a lip colour to complement the blush tone, but apply the lip colour first,” she said.

“It’s nice to pick shades which have a satin or lustre finish, or soft shimmer. This will add warmth and radiance.”

On Michelle she used Satin finish lipstick No. 6 — a pink/apricot shade. She then applied a brown Eye and Lip Liner, in shade No. 6.

“Outline the lips with the pencil in definition and then just lightly blend the lip liner onto the lip, so you don’t get a harsh lip line,” she said.

Black Up’s Gloss No. 2 in a pink shade finished the look.

“Adding lip gloss on top will add some dimension,” said Miss Dowling.

“It should be a few shades lighter than the lip colour to add brightness. Just pat the colour onto the lip.”


Michelle chose a light apricot/peach tone for her blusher.

Miss Dowling advised: “To know where to place the blush, simply smile. You then follow the shape of the cheekbones, blending upwards.

“Don’t put your blush under the cheekbones, as this will bring them downwards. Put the blush on that nice round area — the apple of the cheeks.”


She then applied Intense Radiance Eyeshadow No. 3, a golden brown colour, on Michelle, using a sponge tip brush.

“Apply the eyeshadow to the lower eyelid, just pressing it on to build up coverage,” she said. “This really brightens up the eye.

“It’s always best to put a lighter shade on the lower lid and to use a medium to dark colour in the crease, depending on your skin tone.

“This adds contour and dimension to the eye.”

She used a charcoal colour on Michelle, applying it softly to the crease.

“Lightly blend the shadow upwards into the browbone, but don’t take the crease colour too high, as the higher you take it, the more dramatic it will look,” she said.

“Just lightly touch the browbone.”


“When it comes to mascara, I always use black,” she said.

“No matter how light or dark your skin tone is, you want to emphasize your lashes.

“Starting at the base of the lash and work your way outwards to the tip. Then look upwards and lightly coat the bottom lashes.

“If you get any mascara on your skin, let it dry first and then take a dry Q-tip and rub it off.”

For women who don’t want to wear mascara, Miss Dowling advises using an eyelash primer such as Black Up’s Lash Primer and Growth Booster.

“This is silicone-based and clear, for women who don’t like to wear mascara. It makes your lashes look darker and there’s a
treatment in it which — with continuous use — will help your eyelashes to grow.”


For more information on bridal make-up at Gibbons Company call the Cosmetics Department on 295-5535. Gibbons Company, 21 Reid Street, Hamilton. Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 9:30am-6pm. The last make-up appointment is 4:45pm.