David Dodwell, Chairman Designate
David Dodwell, Chairman Designate
21 April 2010

The Bermuda Tourism Authority team all appreciate the work that has gone into passing the Authority Bill through both Houses of Parliament.  We now await assent by H.E. the Governor and the Minister posting the date the Authority goes live in the official Gazette.

The Executive Strategy Committee (ESC) and the Project Management Office (PMO) have been working tirelessly to bring the various elements of the new Authority together. It is obviously going to take us some time to finalize our organization chart and define the new positions and then to go through the interview procedures for all of the positions and get people on board.  As we work through this process, the team at the BDOT will continue to undertake their normal work and any enquiries you may have in regards to Tourism should be addressed, as normal, to the Department of Tourism. The team there will be able to steer enquires through to the Authority as we evolve.

We are aware that there may be those who have received sponsorship of events and/or activities from the Department of Tourism in the past. While the process for consideration will be changing in the future, any and all applications should, at this stage, be made in the normal manner.

We will, in the very near future, be making further releases. We remain committed to being as open and as forthright as we can be. Clearly there has to be change, we have been clear on that already and we will be explaining that change in the coming weeks.

All of us are now part of Bermuda’s tourism team. Everyone needs to represent Bermuda as best they can as they interact in any way with our visitors.

Many long hours have been invested in creating the Bermuda Tourism Authority but the investment of time and effort really only now begins. We have a long road ahead of us, some might say a steep hill to climb, but we are determined to make that climb. We are focused on bringing tourism back, on bringing new jobs for Bermudians, new revenues for Bermuda and new opportunity for all. We need now to join together to be part of the solution.