The sign advertising an overseas version of a Dark n Stormy. *Photo supplied
The sign advertising an overseas version of a Dark n Stormy. *Photo supplied

YouTube is a continual source of amusement, from cute cats to young guys doing stupid things. 

On Friday, Travel World posted a video highlighting what they consider to be the top five attractions of Bermuda — among them, St Patrick’s Church. Huh? 

What they meant to say, of course, was St Peter’s. If you want to watch it, type ‘Travel World Bermuda’ into the search box. 

Also on YouTube, a poster put up a very brief video clip of Princess Diana arriving on the island on February 16, 1982. Type ‘Princess Diana Bermuda 1982’ into the search box to watch

The five-day reduction in working days for teachers sparked quite a few comments on Facebook. Bermuda Sun columnist Christopher Famous remarked “Considering the first day of school is on a Friday, tell us honestly what will be accomplished? 

Former PLP candidate Makai Dickinson stated “sending the message that our children are not worth the time will not help”.

Maybe it’s just me, but there are a couple of people who post items to several discussion groups on Facebook that are way, way out there in left field — and yet they always seem to have at least one ‘like’. Oh wait, it’s them liking their own comment. How sad. 

The lightning storm on Friday had Bermuda Sun columnist Shawnette Somner scrambling. She posted on Facebook: OH DEAR! DASHING TO UNPLUG EVERYTHING… QUICKLY! 

Jamel Hardtman posted a photo of a pub’s advertising sign overseas that sparked a lively response. It said ‘Try our version of a Dark & Stormy… A Light and Cloudy! With American Harvest Organic Vodka and ginger beer!”

Naturally, Bermudians were appalled. Comments included “No way vodka can replace our Black Seal”, “A very cheap knock off” and Jamel’s own “What kind of fraudulent drink?”