Temple Run 2: Casual gaming at its best 

While not a hugely different game from the original Temple Run, Temple Run 2 made all the right changes to deliver one of the best casual gaming experiences around. 

In the game you play as Guy Dangerous, an Indiana Jones style character who stole a gem from a temple, and as a result is being pursued by a gigantic monkey over a long, winding road filled with obstacles. 

The game improves upon its predecessor with smoother graphics, different terrain, and new obstacles, such as minefields, ziplines, waterfalls, and the like. 

2life: An app that keeps couples on the same page

In this hyper-connected world, everyone has hundreds of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and so on. While it’s great to be able to be connected with so many people, a lot of times it can become an information overload and distract you from the most important relationships in your life. 

2life takes all the connectivity of a social network, cuts out the fluff, and gives you a revolutionary new idea: a social network for two.

It features calendars, events, lists, links, photos, and so on that either of the two can update, edit, and share. 

This simplifies communication between couples and makes remembering that birthday party next week or asking your husband to pick up groceries on the way home easier than ever.

And the best part? You can download and use it for free.