The Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU) has historically and consistently championed the cause of a Quality Public Service as evidenced by the activities for the months of June/July 2013.

However, Mr. Brian Duperreault's depiction that "Staff who violate Public Service Regulations might face a mild slap on the wrist," is not correct. There are specific roles carried out by the Cabinet Secretary and the Public Service Commission (PSC) in meting out discipline that should not be misconstrued.

It is the role of the PSC (a constitutional body) to ensure that the correct disciplinary procedures are followed based on facts, not hearsay; to ensure there is no political interference in attempting to enact discipline and to oversee that hiring and promotions are done within the rules of the Commission.

There is already a method to deal with non performance - but has to be enforced and managed by line managers.

The Culture of the Civil Service is directly related to the function of the office of the Cabinet Secretary/Head of the Civil Service. We are not to sure whether Mr. Duppereault's comments are directed to the present Cabinet Secretary or the three former Cabinet Secretaries/Heads of the Civil Services who are presently serving on either the Commission or SAGE sub-committees.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Dupperreault has decided to release his comments about the Service, while the SAGE Commission continues with interviews and information gathering.

In our opinion, The SAGE Commission should not be making any further negative comments that are perceived to be attributable to the whole Service. There are many civil servants and departments that are operating at or above the professional standard.

We urge that the SAGE Commission refrain from making any further public comments prior to the completion of the review of the Civil Service.