An impressive wood-fired pizza oven turned into a mosaic art focal point by Nikki Murray-Mason. *Photo supplied
An impressive wood-fired pizza oven turned into a mosaic art focal point by Nikki Murray-Mason. *Photo supplied

It’s only fitting when you are aiming for a gourmet experience, you go with the best.

That’s why the Reefs Resort & Club chose current Charman Prize People’s Choice winner Nikki Murray-Mason to make the wood-fired pizza oven at the Royston’s Grill an artistic focal point.

Royston’s Grill had its grand reopening recently.

Uwe Roehricht, director of restaurants, said in a press release: “Based on our guest feedback we created this concept collectively in order to reach all guests. 

“After four weeks of a soft opening, we have already received fantastic feedback. This restaurant has the potential now of being a year-round restaurant, especially with our take-out concept included, which will start this coming Friday. 

“We believe that even with “burgers and pizzas” we can create a high end product of quality.”

The restaurants director added that flavours are enhanced with fresh marinades, oils and fresh local herbs, and the customer chooses the sauces and side dishes that they prefer to complement the main course.

Karl Blunden, executive chef, said: “We are both happy and excited about the new launch and concept that is now Royston’s Grill and looking forward to serving our guests with the finest on site handmade prime Angus burgers, fresh thin crust pizzas, marinated grilled kebabs and a good selection of fresh salads and grilled items.” 


Challenging perceived notions

Nikki Murray-Mason’s custom mosaic artwork created on the new wood-fired pizza oven, which has become the focal point of Royston’s Grill to help enhance the ambience.

She said: “I try to recreate what I see in real life using a hard, rigid material such as tile. It is a challenge I welcome to help create texture, interest and a little of the unexpected. For me to challenge the perceived notion that mosaic art is just broken tile and glass is one of my aims as an artist when creating my 3D mosaic art.”

She is a self-taught mosaic artist who creates textured mosaic art with a focus on capturing the subject, usually flowers, in 3D using cups, dishes or layered tile with custom-made frames. Her website is