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The crew of HMS Lancaster will embark on a string of community-based initiatives today as part of their brief stop-over in Bermuda.

The Type 23 Royal Naval frigate arrived in Bermuda on Friday from her home port in Portsmouth, England.

And during her stay the crew will be working with the Regiment as well as the Bermuda Police Service.

They will also be taking part in a cricket and rugby game against local opposition.

For Commander Steve Moorhouse the voyage into Hamilton on Friday brought back memories of his first foreign deployment 21 years ago with the Navy, when he arrived at HMS Malabar.

He told the Bermuda Sun: "It was quite an emotional moment for me, coming back to place where I really started my Naval career.

"And to be able to bring Lancaster in as her commander was a real honour.

"I'm sure lots of things have changed since back in 1992, but it is still a huge privilege to be part of the Navy's enduring connection with the island."

HMS Lancaster has just undergone a major refit back in the UK, and her trip to Bermuda is her first foreign deployment since the upgrade took place.

She will leave our shores on Tuesday bound for Key West in the U.S.

The ship will then visit a string of Overseas Territories during her six-month deployment, when she will also provide hurricane relief conduct counter narcotics operations.

Commander Moorhouse added: "The crew is incredibly excited to be in Bermuda and moral is at an all time high.

"Seeing new places and working with local communities is why people join the Royal Navy.

"We all appreciate the historic links the Navy has with Bermuda and we are looking forward to working with the Regiment and the police over the next couple of days.

"It's important for us to get out into the community and let everyone know that we are there for them."