If you haven’t already gotten your mom or wife a gift for Mother’s Day, and you are not alone I am sure, here are a few last minute ideas that are easy on the budget. 

Gift cards to her favourite store, salon or restaurant are a good idea as long as she will use it right away — gift cards are like money and if she doesn’t use it she is throwing away your money. 

Check all the terms and conditions of gift cards and especially pay attention to the expiration date because most businesses will not honor or refund an expired gift card.

Consider helping mom out by paying one of her bills or getting her a gift certificate from BELCO or one of her other service providers. 

Helping with her insurance or even a gas voucher for her car is also a tremendous help. Everyone appreciates a little help paying the bills.

Everyone has to buy groceries and most grocery stores sell gift cards. 

This is a great idea for a gift - guaranteed to get used and much appreciated.

If you want to give mom flowers but cannot afford a fancy arrangement from a florist, remember, Bermuda is a beautiful lush island, with a great variety of flora and fauna. 

You can make a simple and pretty flower arrangement for mom using flowers that can be picked in your yard or in the wild (no trespassing on private property please). 

You can also get her a pretty scarf to use as a bow to tie around your hand made flower bouquet, something she can use later. Alternatively a nice potted plant is a welcome gift for that mom that has a green thumb.

If you don’t have money to spend on mom this year (and even if you do), show her your love and appreciation by doing something meaningful. 

A letter to mom telling her how much she means to you will melt her heart. 

Try the hand written approach, framed and wrapped nicely. You do not have to go out and buy a frame, use a picture frame that you may have around the house, 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 can work. 

This is an especially thoughtful gift coming from young children or grand-children.

Most moms would love a day off to herself, free from cooking, cleaning and taking care of some-one else. 

Help mom out around the house by doing her chores, weeding her garden or even painting or doing repair work.  

Think of what causes mom stress and consider a gift that will be a real stress reliever. 

This will be greatly appreciated and really shows mom that you care.

You do not have to spend a lot of money and buy expensive gifts for your mother on Mother’s Day. Make her a fabulous home-made brunch or take her for a picnic in the park or on the beach. 

Show her a part of the island she may never have visited before or hasn’t seen in a long time — places like Astwood Cove, Spittal Pond, the Arboretum, Ferry Reach Park, Bluehole Park or even one of our wonderful old forts or the Crystal caves.

Spend quality time with her, time that she will enjoy and cherish. 

Creating lasting memories is a wonderful way to show mom that you love, care and appreciate her, money cannot do that.

For more consumer tips and resources visit the Consumer Affairs website, www.ca.gov.bm.

Honey Adams is the education officer for the Bermuda Government office of Consumer Affairs.