Tech-savvy: A screen grab of the new Freisenbruch-Meyer insurance app. *Photo supplied
Tech-savvy: A screen grab of the new Freisenbruch-Meyer insurance app. *Photo supplied

Insurance company Freisenbruch-Meyer Group has broken new ground in Bermuda by launching the first “Eclaims” app.

Available on Android and itunes, the app allows clients to instantly submit a claims form as well as send pictures and recorded conversations with third parties.

The first of its kind on the island, the app is the brainchild of Antonia Holder, assistant vice president business development, and she believes it will reach out to the company’s more tech-savvy clients.

She said: “At Freisenbruch-Meyer, we are committed to building relationships with our clients and this app is a way for us to remain tech-savvy while also being accessible to our clients, so it’s another way to communicate and to offer an easier process for submitting claims.

“With the growing interest in apps most people are powered with some sort of smart phone or tablet and the technological trend is totally going towards mobility right now so we want to be able to be the first — and the best — to tap into that market.”

Ms Holder said the app will add to Freisenbruch-Meyer’s current Internet social media presence.

She added: “The traditional way of doing business has moved towards phones and Internet as opposed to coming in and interacting. 

“But our clients say they really enjoy the experience of [coming in and] doing business with us and this is not going to take away from that, it’s just going to add another way for our clients to communicate with us.”

William Madeiros — EVP, general manager said speed is key, with the app giving people instant direct contact with members of his team.

He said: “Whenever a claim does take place, Murphy’s Law says that it’s not Monday to Friday nine to five. On the weekend I’ve often taken phone calls from clients who have just had a bad traffic accident or flooded their home. I think this gives them another way of being in direct contact with a member of our team and the aim is to have the app monitored 24/7 so we can give our clients yet
another way of getting hold of us when there’s a major event — of course, for them any event is a major event.

“Unfortunately with our pending hurricane season, while we always wish for the best, I think it’s best we prepare for the worst.

“So during the hurricane season, heaven forbid if there is an event, you can imagine the flood of people that are coming to see us —  it will give our tech savvy clients another way of getting hold of us.”

He added: “We’re intending to advertise we are the only [insurance] company on the island with an app and I completely expect us to see a take up as people become aware that it’s there. We’re a small boutique operation and I think that makes us a lot more nimble in terms of satisfying our clients.”