The schooner brigantine Tres Hombres is presently heading to Bermuda on her way back from another successful voyage to the Caribbean. Heading to Europe her hold is full of rum, cocoa beans, chocolate bars, honey and wine for the European markets.

The 32 meter tall ship has been in service since December 2009 sailing between Europe the Islands of the Atlantic, the Caribbean and America. With a cargo capacity of thirty five tons, she carries five professional crew but also offers tall ship trainee positions for up to ten people.

Although one of many tall ships which continue to sail around the world what is unique about Tres Hombres is she is the only trans-Atlantic cargo vessel without an engine!

The idea of Tres Hombres was started by three sailing-friends, Arjen van der Veen, Jorne Langelaan and Andres Lackner (who is the present captain). These three are no strangers to Bermuda’s shores, having sailed to the Island on the tall ship Europa during the Tallships 2000 event as well as on their own self built sailing vessel Pierius Magnus.

Part of the Fairtransport movement whose motto is: FROM A to B EMISSION FREE, the movement believes Tres Hombres is a real world example of what mercantile marine transportation could be, modern sailing ships with high tech sails creating a low emissions means of effective transportation.

The ship is expected to arrive in Hamilton this weekend (March 15/16th 2013) and will stay until the 19th or 20th. The crew is looking forward to enjoying a break in beautiful Bermuda.

While in port the Tres Hombres can be visited and the crew will be on hand to give information on this unique vessel.

Tres Hombres presently has room for three to four trainee crewmembers to sail along and experience this very special adventure from Bermuda to the Azores and then onto England.