"Today, the OBA presented a budget that gave non-Bermudians and employers tax relief, while everyday Bermudians and seniors will see their cost of living go up.

The OBA’s plan to increase the cost of bus passes and increase vehicle licensing fees for all Bermudians while leaving Bermudian Employees out of the payroll tax holiday is symptomatic of a government that believes Bermudians must bear the burden while their corporate supporters reap the benefits; all this with no guarantee that job opportunities will trickle down to Bermudians.

The budget’s proposed tax breaks for PRC holders while the OBA cuts Government Scholarships, Mature Student Awards and Further Education Awards shows that this government’s priorities are in the wrong place.

Today’s budget lacked bold action, where bold action is needed.

Today’s budget lacked relief for Bermudians, where relief is needed.

Today’s budget lacked vision, when vision is needed.

Next week the country will hear our Party’s view of what a budget for today’s times should look like. We will present a vision for the future of this country’s finances that puts the interests of Bermudians first."