Fairmont Southampton *File photo
Fairmont Southampton *File photo

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1: Pest exterminators were called in to deal with a mini-outbreak of bed bugs at the Fairmont Southampton.

The small infestation affected two rooms on one floor of the hotel and was quickly dealt with, according to Fairmont bosses. Hotels across the world face a daily battle to control the pesky bugs that can be brought on site in guests’ luggage.

A Fairmont Southampton spokeswoman told the Bermuda Sun that one of the rooms affected was occupied at the time.

She added: “The problem was identified last week, the affected rooms and surrounding area were immediately isolated, inspected, and treated.

“One of the affected rooms was occupied; these guests were moved, and were satisfied with the resolution. We are confident that these pests have been exterminated.

“The comfort and safety of our guests is always our primary concern, and we work with our guests on an individual basis on any concerns they may have.“

All luxury hotels have a comprehensive programme of pest control, which includes looking for signs of bed bugs.

And bed bugs are not a new phenomenon in the industry.

The Fairmont Southampton spokeswoman added: “Our housekeeping team is trained to identify bed bugs and are our first line of defence against these situations.

“The programme in place includes regular preventative maintenance, as well as identifying and treating any areas of concern.

“All luxury hotels participate in similar on-going pest control programmes, and this is not exclusive to The Fairmont Southampton or in place as a response to a specific pest problem.

“In today’s increasingly mobile society, any traveller could easily bring bed bugs into a hotel.

“The important part is for our pest management vendor to address the issue, and isolate any affected guestrooms.”