TUESDAY, JANUARY 22: "The Progressive Labour Party has taken note of the recent trip by Tourism Minister the Hon. Shawn Crockwell, the Chair of the Tourism Authority, Mr. David Dodwell, and the newly appointed Special Advisor to the Minister of Tourism Mr. Corey Butterfield, among others. We find it interesting that these gentlemen would travel to the Bahamas on a trip that has been described as one to examine Tourism Authorities in other jurisdictions, when the Bahamas does not have a Tourism Authority.

The PLP also questions the role of the Special Advisor Mr. Butterfield in traveling with this delegation. The Director of Tourism, Mr. William Griffith, has a wealth of experience in the Bermuda Department of Tourism and is quite capable in assisting Minister Crockwell. We expect that in his role as Director, he would be more valuable on these trips than the Special Advisor whose tourism background appears to be minimal at best."