FRIDAY, JANUARY 18: I read with interest the article regarding former Premier Alex Scott’s proposal to bring legislation forward to address corruption and poor governance. Political ramblings will have people questioning why, when and who is bringing it to the forefront. But does it really matter? Isn’t this something that most certainly needs to be implemented? This is not something that should be kicked about like a political football; this needs to happen.

This legislation is important because maladministration not only hampers the efficiency and quality of public services, it also undermines confidence in public institutions. Integrity in any organization is important in establishing good practices and transparency which is certainly appreciated by the public we serve.

Unions have a role to play in that we must be vigilant in assisting in the exposure of corruption. Unionized workers within the public sector are ideally placed to bring attention to maladministration or corruption however; civil servants must not be penalized by any detriment to their future employment or livelihood.

The BPSU wholeheartedly supports this important legislation but believe that there should be caveats within this legislation that protect the worker and puts the country first without any political agenda.