New MP for St George’s North Kenny Bascome welcomes his successor as Mayor of St George Garth Rothwell to the position. *Photo by Simon Jones
New MP for St George’s North Kenny Bascome welcomes his successor as Mayor of St George Garth Rothwell to the position. *Photo by Simon Jones

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9: The latest revelations surrounding the Park Hyatt development have left the people of St George’s in limbo again.

This is according to the new MP for St George’s North, Kenneth Bascome, who says it may now be time to look for local investors to build on the site of the old Club Med property.

Mr Bascome told the Bermuda Sun he would like to see a smaller Grotto Bay style cottage colony built on the property if the deal with developer Carl Bazarian and Park Hyatt proves to be beyond salvation.

The former Mayor of St George added: “At this stage the community of St George’s is in limbo.

“I am hopeful that before we reconvene we will have the opportunity to hear more from the Minister about the Park Hyatt.

“Personally I would like the Government to seek a group of local investors to do something similar to Grotto Bay on the site.

“The idea of a cottage colony rather than a big monstrosity on the hill is more appealing to the people of St George’s.”

He said: “When I spoke to Mr Bazarian a few months ago he assured me he was committed to St George’s and the project.

“I accepted that this was the case because he was always accompanied by Park Hyatt representatives and they would not have come all this way if they did not believe there was a future for the project too.”

The future of the project, which has still not got off the ground, was thrown into further doubt this week when it was revealed that the former Tourism Minister, Wayne Furbert, had terminated the contract with Mr Bazarian in October.

Mr Furbert claimed the decision was taken due to the developer’s failure to start work within the designated time frame.

But Mr Bazarian told the Royal Gazette that the termination was ‘improper’ and vowed to press ahead with the development.

The current Tourism Minister, Shawn Crockwell, has said he will work with developers and financiers to find a solution for the property “as a matter of urgency”.

The New Mayor of St George, Garth Rothwell, said that latest developments with the Park Hyatt project would be discussed by the Corporation this weekend.

He added: “If this is the end of the project then we would certainly look to see the 260 acres site put to some other use.

“It comes down to what is financially viable in these economic times.

“St George’s could certainly do with a small hotel, or just a hotel, to provide the town with more visitors.

“St Catherine’s Beach is a great spot and could be put to better use to, and the golf course could attract locals and visitors from abroad once it has been brought up to standard.

“We have been waiting for something to happen up there for four years, now it looks like something has happened.”